Digitisation of processes and digital transformation of the company

Efficiently manage electronic documents

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Innovative solutions
digitising your company’s business processes

We offer comprehensive enterprise-class systems for the management and electronic circulation of documents, correspondence, as well as workflow systems and DMS and BPM process management. Entrust the digitalisation of your company in the right hands.


  • Automation and digitization of workflows and documents
  • Efficient handling of workflows and tasks


  • Supporting employees in document processing
  • Secure and orderly document storage systems


  • Platform that offers executives full control of business processes
  • Intelligent business data management systems


years of experience







Security is our priority

We take special care to ensure the safety and compliance of our operations with applicable requirements and standards. To this end, we have
implemented an Information Security Management System in accordance with
ISO/IEC 27001 and regularly undergo audits.

When processing our
customers’ data, we maintain the highest
security standards

The ISO/IEC 27001 certificate is issued by the independent certification body TÜV NORD CERT GmbH, operating under accreditation by the German DAkkS.

We take care to operate in line with
, which includes assessing and planning risks.

Information Security Management Policy. Since the beginning of the company’s operation, we have had a policy of systemic information
security management.

What makes us different

Dedicated and flexible solutions for the management of: documentation (DMS), processes (BPM) and Workflow performed in the V-Desk System

Comprehensive analysis and advice on optimizing your company’s processes

Individual support and care at the implementation stage and throughout the period of cooperation

Own, specialized product teams preparing dedicated solutions and system components

Completion of more than 2,000 projects and cooperation with companies from many industries

Know-how and experience gained in the market over 20 years

A staff of qualified enthusiasts with numerous certifications

Global reach of provided solutions

We build a competitive advantage for the best

“By implementing the V-Desk system, we have solved the issue of digitizing financial documents in the company.”

Łukasz Januszewski, CFO

“Cooperation during the project was at a high level, and the work was carried out in accordance with the planned scope and according to the agreed schedule.”

Łukasz Luto,, Vice President, Managing Director

“V-Desk is an easy-to-use and functional system, but above all it streamlines the work of many people and increases the efficiency of company operations.”

Anna Jankowska- Kosińska, Finance General Manager in KIA Polska


The scope of digitization with Primesoft

We carry out projects designed for users regardless of industry and company location. Our solutions are translated into any languages of the world supporting businesses anywhere in the world.