About the Company

For nearly 20 years, we have been providing comprehensive Enterprise-class solutions for company management, electronic workflow, DMS, BPM business process management and electronic archiving.

Our state-of-the-art solutions are distinguished by the highest quality. The knowledge and experience we have gained from numerous implementations have allowed us to acquire know-how and industry-recognized certifications.

As a market leader, we serve listed companies, multinationals, capital groups, banks and financial institutions, public sector companies and many companies that are world leaders in their industries.

Primesoft’s Values

The Primesoft Group is not just about work. It’s a space to build relationships, seize opportunities, grow, take on challenges and succeed. It is a place we want to create together in an atmosphere of mutual support and kindness, basing our activities on the 5 values that are most important to us:


– from Gr. κῦδος
(kûdos) – recognition, praise for an exceptional achievement


focus [“koncentracja” in Polish] on the task,


honesty [“uczciwość” in Polish], reliability


team [“drużyna” in Polish], cooperation, team thinking


courage [“odwaga” in Polish], discovery, curiosity


cordiality [“serdeczność” in Polish], respect

Mission of Primesoft Poland

We are a trusted partner in the implementation of cutting-edge information technology enhancing the security and efficiency of business processes and inspiring growth.

We boldly and passionately build innovative solutions and set trends in digital transformation.

We create space for our clients, partners and employees for long-term relationships based on mutual respect, honesty and integrity.

We are a premium brand.

Vision of Primesoft Poland

Thanks to our expertise and years of experience, we are a leader in digital transformation, creating comprehensive solutions in the global market.

The Management Board

Adam Tychmanowicz

Since 2004, co-founder and CEO of Primesoft Poland. Since 2008, also President and Board Member of the thriving company Neptis S.A. – operator of the Yanosik system and Flotis vehicle monitoring system, as well as co-founder of several other ventures.

Filip Kolendo

Co-founder and Vice President of the Management Board of Primesoft Poland. Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Neptis S.A. – the company behind the YANOSIK brand.

Dariusz Jarczyński

He has been with Primesoft Poland since 2005. Dariusz has worked his way up through all levels of his career, starting as Project Manager, then Sales Director, Operations Director, and now Board Member and Information Security Officer.


When we started in 2004, our team was housed in two rooms rented for our business. Today, we are a Group of three thriving companies with more than 200 people on board and products used by users almost all over the world.

We combine experience and know-how with a modern approach to projects. In addition to expertise, also passion, commitment and collaboration are equally important to us, which helps us deliver projects at the highest level.

We have specialists in various fields at our disposal, including analysts, architects, network administrators, designers, programmers, webmasters, graphic designers, testers, project managers and salespeople.

This mix means that our clients’ projects are always in good hands, with a specialist working on them at every stage.

Sales and marketing team

A group of young and energetic people for whom contact with customers is an everyday need. Their knowledge of the products offered and their sales experience is top-notch.

The team is responsible for preparing bids, commercial negotiations and putting the finishing touches on all sales issues. They are a goldmine of knowledge about how our solutions work, and the first source of information about feedback on the implemented products.

Our proficient marketing specialists are responsible for PR, publishing content on social media, as well as preparing all kinds of bid materials.

Project management team

The team is tasked with organizing and coordinating the entire implementation project. The Project Manager manages tasks, documentation, information flow and is responsible for communication within the project team and with the client. They are advisors who listen intently when a client talks about their needs and expected benefits.

The Project Manager sets the project schedule, writes the specifications, establishes the conceptual project flow and scope of work together with the client, and trains future users. Moreover, the manager is responsible for the success of the venture and the effective work of the team.

Development team

The biggest fight during the implementation stage is usually for developers. We have a professional team of programmers, comprising of dozens of specialists with key competencies for IT projects, who approach their work with great passion.

Maintenance team

This is a strong group of “all-knowing” people. The help-desk is responsible for solving the problems of our clients. Their support can be counted on by all users who need help with the proper functioning of our solutions after the implementation project is completed.

Development department and testers

The development department’s responsibilities include implementing and testing new solutions and functionalities for the needs of customers and the changing technology market. They ensure the stability of the solutions, the continuous increase in efficiency, and the security of the operation of all systems. Testers, on the other hand, thoroughly test all mechanisms and changes made by the development department.

System architects

These are people who take care of the overall system, code quality, adapt technologies, solutions and the best tools.

Work Methodology

To understand the client well and to take advantage of the capabilities of our employees, we use proven and effective work methodologies: Scrum and Prince2.

In implementing our solutions, we have a set path and procedures. Over the years, we have developed a work model that functions well regardless of the type and size of the project. Good communication and proper management allow us to carry out tasks very efficiently.

Stages of an implementation project:


Project start

Start of works led by a dedicated Project Manager on the side of Primesoft


Implementation workshops

Collaborative work on the verification of processes and customer needs led by experienced project managers


Preparation of pre-implementation analysis

Preparing and confirming the system specification document with the client


Presentation and acceptance

of solutions in the system prepared individually for the client (programming work – preparation of the system on the side of the PSP)


Client-side system testing

Handing over the system to the customer for testing, along with discussion of any comments that arise


Training for system users

Training for administrators and system users is conducted in the form of offline or online meetings


Production startup

Commissioning of the system after testing at a date mutually agreed on with the client


Implementation assistance

Assistance from the project manager and Primesoft developers during the first weeks after the system launch


Handing over of the project

Start of works led by a dedicated Project Manager on the side of Primesoft