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System for online bussines trips management

Streamline business trip requests, manage and settle them with ease.

With V-Desk Bussines Trips Module, you manage all requests in one place. The Business Trips module is a place where requests are instantly approved and you receive immediate notifications of their status. All collected data and information is stored and accessible in a secure cloud. Speed up your work and free up your company’s resources by application of digital business trips management.


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How does online business trip is settled in the V-Desk system?

With V-Desk, accounting for business trips will become easier and quicker, and the system will efficiently categorise the various stages of the process. The module enables online settlement of business trips for all users. It provides full automation of the settlement of business trips. It makes it possible to control costs and make arrangements of business trips.

In this module, the full digital calculation of business trips is carried out. The V-Desk application additionally enables the user to plan time and costs of an employee’s trip. The V-Desk system provides full support for the process of accounting for business trips, starting with the travel order, through cost acceptance, and ending with the full settlement of the trip. The entire process of planning a business trip, approval by the manager and settlement of costs takes place in one place.

Key features of the online business trip settlement application

Requests, allowances, and advances registration

Electronic settlement of domestic and international business trips

Recalculation of mileage allowance

Automatic updates of domestic and foreign allowance quotas

Adjusting allowance based on the number of meals

Post of the settlement to Accounts payable


“The introduction of the electronic delegation workflow has speeded up and significantly reduced the time previously required to shorten the whole process. We have obtained a tool that allows us to start and carry out the request, booking of company vehicles along with the option to settle both domestic and foreign delegations in an orderly and efficient manner. Due to the benefits of using the V-Desk software and the excellent cooperation with the Primesoft team, we are happy to recommend this provider to other organisation.”


Vice-President of the Management Board of Porta KMI Poland S.A.
Grzegorz Białczak

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Features of the business trips settlement system

The module, which includes online electronic settlement of business trips, provides a number of advanced functionalities: calculation of domestic and foreign quotas of allowances, calculation of mileage allowances amounts, integration with the current rates table, reports, generation of forms, vehicle cards registration and many others. The approved electronic settlement of domestic and foreign business trips is sent directly to the Accounting Payable, which handles accounting and settlements with employees.

The online electronic management and settlement of business trips in the V-Desk system is a significant optimisation in the handling of the entire business travel process. At each stage of the business trip workflow process, a transparent form is available that allows the user to enter all required data. It also allows to attach scans of documents. Our electronic business trip system is fully integrated with the electronic workflow in terms of cost accounting. Once settled by the employee, the electronic online travel assignment goes to the relevant department for verification and settlement. Once the process is over, the employee is notified about the final settlement.


Key benefits of electronic
management of business trips and allowances:

Automation of the business trips settlement

Efficient management and employees’ plans arrangement

Online completion of forms. Cutting out on paper documents

Time and cost-efficient requesting

Business trips processes is shortened

Easy management and arrangements of travels

Solution available in a secure cloud

Reports with categories


Expert comments

„The V-Desk system for the electronic workflow of business trips is a solution that significantly streamlines the process of requesting, approving and settling business trips.

In recent years, an increasing number of Polish companies have organised their business travel management processes electronically. It is a constraint, and a costly one, to remain with traditional solutions today.
We should bear in mind that a more efficient company is more competitive.”

Account Manager in Primesoft Polska
Ekspert on DMS | Workflow | OCR platforms
Szymon Łuczak

Important information about the capabilities of the
of the system for accounting for delegations:

   Automatically settles domestic and international business trips

   Keeps records of the delegation

   Tasks appear in the application’s calendar

  Settlement with the employee is always made in Polish currency,

  Does not block backward delegation registration

  Enables the registration and settlement of delegations by another person

  Automatically enters current per diem rates for billing

  In the case of foreign missions, the domestic and foreign parts are settled in accordance with the applicable law


What is an online electronic delegation accounting system?

V-Desk is a solution that comprehensively allows you to process delegations electronically online.

Does the V-Desk system allow accounting for foreign trips?

Yes. V-Desk has the ability to report and account for both domestic and international business trips

Is the V-Desk electronic delegation workflow in English?

As much as possible. Our online electronic delegation settlement program has an English-language version of the interface. The English version is available to run out of the box and can be independently enabled by the customer.

Does an electronic delegation accounting program need to be implemented?

We offer two variants. The first is simpler and requires no configuration support. It is available under the name e-Delegations in our Application Gallery. The second variant is dedicated solutions and configuration of V-Desk for the needs of a specific customer. Contact us and we will choose the most suitable solutions for you.

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