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Business trips

Our company offers modern solutions that will streamline the settlement of business trips, with the system efficiently categorizing the various stages of the process. The business trip management module in the V-Desk system enables the electronic settlement of business trips of all users. This tool provides full automation of accounting for business trips, so you can control costs related to business trips and organize and systematize your employees’ calendars and business travel dates.

The module supports full settlement of business trips, and the V-Desk application additionally allows the user to plan the time of an employee’s trip and related expenses. V-Desk enables the comprehensive management of business trips, starting from the travel order, through the approval of costs, and ending with the complete settlement of the trip. The entire process of business trip planning, supervisor approval and cost accounting is done in one place.


Recording business trips in V-Desk
consists of a few steps:

  • Registration of the trip request by the employee or by the immediate supervisor
  • Acceptance of the request by the immediate supervisor
  • Settlement of domestic and foreign trips, adding necessary attachments, completing required information
  • Sending the settlement for approval
  • Transfer of the case with all documents to the accounting department


The module for online settlement of business trips provides a number of advanced functionalities: calculation of the domestic and foreign allowance, calculation of the mileage, integration with the current table of exchange rates, generating summaries, generating forms, preparing vehicle registration sheets, and much more. The approved settlement of domestic and foreign business trips goes directly to the accounting department, which is responsible for posting and billing of employees.

Electronic business trip management and online business trip accounting in V-Desk is a significant optimization of handling the entire business travel process. At each step of the business trip workflow process, there is a clear form that allows the user to enter all the information necessary at that stage and attach scans of documents. Business trips are fully integrated into the electronic workflow for cost accounting. Once settled by the employee, the business trip is sent to the relevant department for verification and clearing. Once the process is complete, information about the final settlement is sent to the employee.


The benefits of managing business trips and advances in V-Desk:

  • Convenient, fast, automatic online settlement of business trips
  • No need to print business trip forms
  • Saved time when filling out requests
  • Reduced administrative time for administration handling of business trip settlement
  • Easy business travel planning
  • Ability to generate business travel reports by category

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