‘As an innovative company, we embrace modern solutions. Cooperation with Primesoft has brought us benefits from the digitalisation of important areas in the company.’

Head of marketing and business development, Piotr Barański

Implementation goal: administrative and financial processes optimization, streamline of other processes,i.e: workflow of credit limits and laboratory orders. Register of documents set up.

Solution: V-Desk process and workflow management system with digital archive

Industry: agriculture

Agrosimex sp. z o.o

The company is a leading distributor of plant pest control products, fertilisers, gardening accessories and seeds on the Polish market. Being a stable company with Polish capital, it comprehensively supports Polish farmers in cost-efficient production of agricultural crops and in solving problems encountered in crop management.

For Agrosimex, the mission is to provide the latest knowledge and up-to-date agrotechnical information to farm producers. Continuous research and development investments have been carried out at the company for 30 years. These include research on the effectiveness of chemicals and diagnostics, the results of which yield crop management support.


The traditional way of submitting documents was often associated with errors and unnecessary paper printouts. Documents werebetween departments both by e-mail and traditional post, which caused documents to be delayed or lost and increased the time needed for the task to beset. The indicated problems occurred in the processes of circulation of invoices, orders and incoming correspondence. Separate approval processes for orders and invoices lengthened the path and time it took for documents to be transferred for posting.

In Ferico Laboratory, the company conducts tests on the effectiveness of agrochemicals, and also provides diagnostic services for agriculture and the food industry to determine the type of pathogens, the nutritional status of crops or the level of residues. Documentation accompanying the submission of samples for testing, as well as registration, was from the beginning to be carried out in a dedicated system in order to avoid generating unnecessary paper and costs associated with its maintenance.

To meet customer’s needs, Agrosimex provides trade credits. The paper processing of these requests was not working. Customers were waiting for a decision in the matter, which prolonged the procurement process. An alternative was neccessary possibly in the form of an efficient and optimal flow of approval.

The solution applied

Because of the large number of documents being processed in the company, a decision was made to digitize the most relevant areas. An electronic V-Desk workflow with a register was launched for key business areas.

• invoices
• purchase orders
• correspondence
• requests process
• contracts register


Invoices and orders – workflow process

There were diagnosed the most urgent requirements for financial areas, so the cost invoice workflows as well as the goods invoice workflows were up and running first.

Procurement has been linked to the invoice workflow, which is especially useful in situations where one invoice may be associated with more than a dozen orders. Then the system allows you to search for corresponding order items on the invoice. This convenience shortens the path of invoice processing, which is more quickly transferred for accounting in the financial system.

• shorter process and process optimization
• saving of paper
• cost reduction

Laboratory assignments – digital management right from its opening

Registration of orders in the laboratory has been done digitally once the unit first began operating. The already installed V-Desk system was used for this purpose, within which a dedicated request processing workflow was created for the laboratory.

Benefits: • enable registration and monitoring of the circulation of research material in the laborator

• efficient settlement for the service

• orchestration and facilitated tracking of samples

• efficient transfer of test results and reports

Process flow

Samples are delivered by courier or directly from farmers approximately 150 per day. They are received by a person at the reception desk, who marks the samples with a barcode, and then there is a transfer of the material to the relevant research cells whose processing also includes the stage of analysis, verification and approval by managers. Samples are registered in the system, for easy retrieval of information about the samples.

‘There is no process that we can’t cover digitally in the V-Desk application, so we don’t hesitate to develop this tool – then we can always count on the support of Primesoft.’

Manager IT, Tomasz Sobczyk

Loan requests

The request for credit limits is also covered in the digital system.

• financial control department work support
• empower control of credit implementation
• streamlining the process

Requests for credit limits enter the workflow, where the process involves document description, approval and forwarding for execution. All document handling activities and tasks are performed in the V-Desk System.

Contracts register

Goals to aim:
• transition from traditional paper archive and storage of documents,
• ability to register contracts made with the clients and linked attachments
• access przypisanie dostępów osobom uprawnionym,
• automatyczne powiadamianie o statusie umowy,
• automatyczne zmiany statusów na nieaktualne.

The way of system entry takes into account both registration by people in the Office but also allows the possibility of registering a document from a dedicated e-mail box. Once registration is completed in the system, people with access rights to the document are assigned. The system has notifications tools built in to inform about the upcoming end date of the contract. In a situation where the contract is already out of date, the status change is automatic.

‘In the course of our cooperation, we have benefited from the rich experience and expertise of Primesoft’s deployment teams in the digitization of our companies.’

Marketing and business development manager, Piotr Barański