Conclusions, observations and recommendations – our clients’ struggles with documents

Based on Primesoft Poland’s experience resulting from the implementation projects of solutions supporting document management, and on the information gathered during the satisfaction survey of V-Desk platform users, we have prepared an interesting report on the main difficulties related to paperwork in companies.

An average office worker uses up to dozens of documents per day.

Just searching for the necessary documents can take up an hour in a working day. Yes, it’s painful!

As many as 39% of employees complain about their co-workers just passing on responsibilities for tasks to someone else.

Flooded by paper

Most office workers perform tasks using more than a dozen types of documents – both paper and electronic. Which documents are most common?

24% of people surveyed declared that they most often work with paper documents, while the largest number, 42% of respondents, indicated a roughly equal share of electronic and paper documents in their daily work. 34% work mainly with electronic documents.

For several years, it has been apparent that Polish companies are moving towards digital transformation, which means moving away from paper documents to their electronic versions – for the benefit of the environment, but not only.

How much time do we waste searching for documents?

Two-thirds of office workers believe that quick and easy access to documents is very important in their work. 29% say that it is quite important, and for only 10% it is important. Fortunately, none of those interviewed consider efficient access to documents as unimportant.

A very important piece of information for us was the fact that as many as one in ten employees spend more than an hour a day just finding the documents they need for their current work. Every sixth employee spends up to an hour for this purpose. More than 70% of respondents devote about 30 minutes a day to this activity.

Szymon Łuczak – Primesoft Poland

Improving work organization – but without paper!

More and more companies are convinced to implement system solutions in the field of information management – says Szymon Łuczak, representing Primesoft – Workflow|DMS platforms help to reduce the use of paper documents to a minimum. They make it possible to clearly assign employees to specific tasks, which improves work organization. Most importantly, finding a specific document in the electronic workflow class system becomes trivial.”

When the scope of responsibility for documents is not clearly established, unnecessary confusion arises,” comments Szymon Luczak, “Assigning the right permissions to the right people can eliminate this, and at the same time greatly facilitates the flow of information within the company.

What is important in the office struggle with documents?

When asked about the reasons for disagreements among employees, our respondents indicated:

  • in first place, the scope of tasks is unclear
  • in second place, passing on responsibilities for the performance of duties to others
  • in third place, keeping documents for too long
  • in fourth place, documents are sometimes lost