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Electronic workflow and contract management

The V-Desk system, as a mature DMS tool (Document Management System), allows for the efficient and comprehensive management of the following areas: the company’s contracts with counterparties, the registering and circulation of correspondence, and the handling of incoming and outgoing letters. In the context of providing permanent and fast access to the agreement repository, the use of optical content recognition technology to implement full-text OCR functions for documents processed in the system is particularly valuable.

Processes of electronic contract workflow

The system architecture prepared in V-Desk allows not only to manage contracts, but also allows to implement a number of processes in the enterprise, including:

  • creation of a register and repository of company contracts
  • managing the process of preparing contracts with counterparties
  • ensuring efficient communication in the legal department
  • handling of court pleadings and enforcement cases
  • preparation and archiving of resolutions, orders and powers of attorney
Electronic workflow and contract management

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Software tools

The V-Desk system, thanks to its ability to flexibly model document flow processes while providing integration with Microsoft Office 365 tools, has proven successful as a contract creation program for many of our clients. Particularly important is the ability to version documents and have them reviewed in parallel by all participants in the document preparation process. The company’s electronic contract workflow provides many possibilities for the user, such as the use of company contract templates and the ability to report on the status of work

Integrations of software

Multi-step acceptance and the ability to sign documents with various qualified electronic signatures directly from the V-Desk level enable the preparation of a finished product in the form of an executed contract, annex, covering letter, or other document.

V-Desk electronic signature.

electronic contract workflow
Electronic workflow and contract management

Integration with V-Room

By adding the additional tool V-Room used to communicate with external users such as partners, law firms or contractors, you can efficiently process the preparation or review of a document also with people who do not use V-Desk on a daily basis.

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Functionalities – electronic contract workflow system

In addition to V-Desk’s basic functionalities in terms of registering and circulating contracts within the company, our clients indicate that other functionalities are particularly valuable in day-to-day work in the system, for example:

  • the option to indicate the contract in the invoice circulation process
  • the ability to transfer terms from the contract to the relevant invoice document and verify the use of the contract in relation to the combined invoice cost documents
  • the ability to indicate where the document is actually stored (e.g., bookcase, binder, etc.)
  • the ability to work on an editable document simultaneously

The company’s contract management through the implementation of the V-Desk system is always preceded by a pre-implementation analysis conducted together with the client. During this process, an audit of business processes is conducted to examine the company’s existing workflow process and make changes to help optimize and simplify these processes. Such a configuration can later be reflected in the system in the form of preparing a dedicated contract execution tree structure for the client (company contracts such as: main contract, framework contracts, ordinary contracts, amending annexes, etc.). 

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