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Debt collection

V-Desk invoice collection is a process that allows you to easily carry out recovery activities in the shortest possible time. This means the efficient and effective recovery of receivables. Debt collection documents handled by the module are mainly: calls for payment, reminders, information letters, and final calls for payment.


Software functionalities for the automation of debt collection

The user of the V-Desk system has the ability to handle the entire process of debt collection. Documents can be analyzed on an ongoing basis, and when overdue payments are detected, invoice collection procedures are triggered in the system. Collection documentation can be generated from within the application thanks to the access to the database of overdue payments. As each operation is registered in the system, the history of the document is clear: by whom and when it was prepared, approved, or sent.

Invoice collection is the ability to automatically monitor the payment status of issued invoices, monitor the progress of work, and force the user to perform certain actions defined in the process of handling receivables and liabilities (e.g. adding manual annotations after making a phone call or sending a request, forwarding the case to the next user).


Integration of a debt collection software

In the module it is possible to generate reports from available collection documentation and data downloaded from financial and accounting systems. Integration with the financial and accounting system reduces the labor intensity of handling the company’s collection processes.

Benefits of debt collection automation

  • Control over liabilities and receivables – invoice collection
  • Reduced cost of the invoice collection process
  • Ongoing analysis of debt collection documentation
  • Easy analysis and minimization of overdue receivables
  • Ability to take action to settle accounts receivable
  • Quick response to delayed payments
  • Complete analytical information on collected receivables according to each collection case

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