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Electronic e-Correspondence and workflow

The area of managing a digital mailroom in the V-Desk system consists of a set of tools that enable automatic registration and archiving of documents incoming and outgoing from the company. The purpose of the tasks carried out is to digitize documents, scan documents, archive documents, create a single source for storing information about incoming and outgoing documents, and make documents available to all interested parties.

In the next step, the V-Desk system streamlines business process modeling thanks to individual modules that support :

  • keeping a register of incoming and outgoing correspondence
  • ensuring proper handling of complaints
  • project documentation management
  • receiving, registering and processing external and internal requests
  • ensuring the proper circulation of documents coming into the company
Electronic eCorrespondence and workflow

How does the electronic correspondence work?

Optimisation of correspondence workflow processes

Incoming documents are registered in the system, and in the next stage they are scanned – the paper document is converted into an electronic one and business processes are fully automated.

Already at the stage of entering a document and registering it in the Digital Mailroom, it is placed in the electronic archive. The registered document goes to the employee’s virtual desk and is transmitted electronically. The same document can be simultaneously analyzed by any number of employees without photocopying, thus optimizing the process.

Another benefit of the digital mailroom is the electronic signature of documents, applied to any file registered in the V-Desk system.

electronic mailroom and correspondence workflow

What possibilities does e-mailroom software offer?

The V-Desk Digital Mailroom system allows you to keep a complete record of incoming and outgoing mail in line the standards of the company.

The incoming mail register is a ready-made report of all letters that have been received by the company, including such information as: sender, date of receipt, description, information on which person the letter was forwarded to, and the signature.

The outgoing mail register is a report of all generated letters that have been sent, including such information as the addressee, mail type, date of sending, date of writing, person writing the letter, and the signature.

Electronic eCorrespondence and workflow

Software Functionalities

The user is given access to documents or a whole set of documents according to defined authorizations, in addition, from the application level they can apply an electronic signature to the selected document. Searching for documents in the system is done using the appropriate criteria. Sorting, filtering, searching by name and by many other indexes are possible.

The Digital Mailroom allows to store files in virtually any format, and additionally provides the user with information about the physical storage of the paper document, as well as the ability to keep records of loans, or releases of documents.

Benefits of an electronic mailroom and correspondence workflow

The benefits of using the V-Desk system to manage the Digital Mailroom:

  • Increased control over access to both paper documents (the original will not have to circulate among employees) and electronic documents (strict rules for reading and modifying information);
  • peeping full records of document views, information readings, and changes made by employees;
  • generation of up-to-date reports covering any data available in the system;
  • efficient and transparent management of the mailroom
  • reduced costs associated with keeping separate records of correspondence, making copies of documents, the time
  • employees devote to transferring originals, etc.

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