V-Desk platform develops with a Gallery of Applications – proven and new solutions in a no-code way.

We present the new possibilities of the V-Desk system modules implementation.

The V-Desk system is a platform that accelerates digital transformation processes in any area of business.  We usually observe the appetite for its development grows as we use it and become familiar with the possibilities it brings.

Such extensions can cover any area in which there is a need for automation and process optimisation. The need to increase the efficiency of document workflows is successfully met by implementing appropriate modules.

We offer customised dedicated modules as well as ready-made applications.


But do we always have to wait for the configuration and implementation work to be completed in order to benefit from the system?


No More. The scalability and flexibility of the V-Desk also means ready-made, codeless applications that do not require programming skills and do not involve IT staff.

Users who see the need to develop the platform can choose any modules from the available Gallery of Applications. These are solutions dedicated to selected areas, which automate work, enable the launch of digital workflows, streamline and improve work efficiency.

As an extension of the electronic V-Desk system, ready-made applications are available to users. Further applications are being continuously improved, which means that their number will only increase.

How does the Gallery of Applications benefit users?

The Advantage of leveraging the Gallery of Applications:


Enhances the performance of V-Desk platform


enriches the functional spectrum of the V-Desk still in line with its architecture




ready for use at once upon installation


saves time


you can focus on the operation of your business without getting involved in the implementation process


saves money


lower cost of purchasing and maintenance of further system expansion

Where is Gallery of Apps? How to install apps?

The applications are available as an extension to the latest version of V-Desk 3.

It only takes a moment to install the selected module. After registering in the V-Desk system (the latest version is required), we navigate to the administrator panel, and select Gallery of Applications tab.


After the click, we are transferred to a panel with the solutions. Modules are available that meet the expectations and needs reported by our customers.


Make a choice of the module from the application gallery, then download it to the V-Desk system environment.

Once the application is downloaded, the user is provided with a configuration screen that allows him or her to easily define the most important parameters for a given process, including permissions.

An application to support the correspondence within the company is already available.


Other modules soon available include:
leave requests, working time records, whistleblower , structered e-invoices with KSeF and other.

Feel free to contact us for more information on the modules on offer.

When and where to apply the solutions from the Gallery of Applications?

Modules are ready-made solutions based on pre-configured components based on the needs of V-Desk clients. We recommend their use for smaller numbers of users or when a ready-made standard solution is needed.

Why is it worth to invest in the Gallery of Applications within a V-Desk system?

  • improves competitivness,
  • streamline processes while remaining competitive in a dynamic marketplace,
  • centralizes processes,
  • all areas and processes gain one intuitive easy-to-use tool,
  • optimises and improves process efficiency,
  • launching digital workflows means better quality work,
  • work automation,
  • you reduce repetitive, manual work to a minimum or eliminate it completely.

Learn what processes you can optimise in your company.
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