Electronic Document Management System. How it works?

In the era of digital transformation and global digitalization, it is increasingly difficult to imagine companies without IT systems. The range of solutions and technologies available on the market is very wide. In order to automate and digitize work, companies are using very different solutions and tools. Today we will introduce you to what electronic document management is and what an EDM software is and how it works. We will discuss all the advantages of using such software in an organization. We will also answer the question in which industries such systems are most often used. Likewise, we invite you to read!


What is electronic document management?

It is the processing of document flow entirely digitally at every level of the organization. It involves entering a paper or digital document into the workflow and then comprehensive processing of that document by staff and within the departmental structure.

Nowadays, with most companies embracing digital transformation, electronic document management has become an integral part of business reality.

Digital document circulation and management is possible with the help of modern state-of-the-art Electronic Document Management (EMD) software products, which in recent years, have been gaining popularity in Poland and around the world. The advantages of these systems are beginning to be recognized by more and more companies and institutions.

How EDM system works?

Instead of a traditional paper archive, documents are stored digitally. In this way, every user has easy and quick access to them. As part of electronic document management, documents are scanned, indexed and placed in a document management system (DMS). This makes it easy for an employee to find the necessary documents within seconds, without having to search through paper files.

In other words, electronic document management is the process of putting a document into digital circulation in an organization. This can occur with the help of an OCR scanning and text recognition solution, or managing a task in electronic form and then directing to the appropriate status. Documents are reviewed, accepted or rejected, and then forwarded to the next level of approval or other departments.


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What documents are most likely to be digitally managed?

Much depends on the characteristics of the company or institution and for both internal and external processes. However, the most frequent electronic workflow includes documents such as:


Trade and warehouse documents


Financial documents


Requests and official letters


Contracts, powers of attorney or notarial deeds




Specifications Documentation


HR documentation


In-house instructions and procedures


Medical records


Project documentation


What entities are most likely to use electronic document management systems?

Electronic document management software solutions are used by a wide range of companies and institutions. They are particularly useful in organizations that store large volumes of documents, such as invoices, contracts, or protocols. Very often such systems are used by companies in the financial sector, including banks and insurers. EDM software programs are particularly useful in this sector because of the large volume of documents, such as loan agreements or insurance policies, which must be stored and managed in a secure and compliant manner.

As for other sectors where electronic document management systems are commonly used, they include the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. In these industries, documentation is extremely important and must be stored safely and in the most confidential manner. These systems allow documents to be retrieved quickly and easily, and to be shared only with authorized employees.

In the public sector, EMD systems are widely used by officials at various levels in both local offices and central institutions. Within these institutions, these systems allow for easy storage and sharing of documents, as well as improved work efficiency.

The owners and employees of accounting offices also very often use EDM for more efficient execution of their day-to-day work.

In general, this type of solution is used by more and more companies and organizations from many industries and sectors, where documentation is crucial for efficient and secure operation.

What electronic document management looks like in public administration?

As already mentioned, EMD systems are very frequently used by central public administration and local government units. One of the most important recent projects is the implementation of a system for electronic documentation management in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The EMD RP project is aimed not only at streamlining the work of the Chancellery officials, but also at improving the quality of services provided to citizens.

Digital document management in government offices, central administration and local government units is extremely important due to the multitude of documents and processes that must be carried out efficiently, securely and in accordance with applicable regulations.

The first stage in efficient digital document management in public institutions is scanning and digitizing paper documents. The scanned documents are then processed in a system that allows them to be edited, searched, shared and archived. Document management systems for public institutions also allow the creation of electronic forms that can be filled out and submitted online. This makes administrative processes more efficient and convenient for citizens and businesses.

An important element of electronic document management in public institutions is the protection of data against unauthorized access and loss of documents. These systems allow you to set access permissions for individual users, so you can control who has access to specific documents. As part of the systems for document management in public institutions, verification procedures also play a significant role, which are used to verify the authenticity and compliance of documents with the law. If there is a discrepancy, the document is rejected and must be corrected.


Primesoft expert comments

Traditional ways of organizing work with paper documents and signing them manually with a pen are passing into oblivion. It is becoming increasingly difficult to imagine working effectively in a maze of paper documentation and binders. A growing organization must move with the times and introduce modern digital systems. Today, electronic documentation management is becoming not only a necessity but also a standard. Its introduction in an organization becomes possible thanks to software such as V-Desk, which comprehensively digitizes document work processes.’

Team Lead of Project Management in Primesoft
Maciej Janowski

What are the key benefits of using EDM systems?

Any organization introducing an electronic document management program will feel the benefits of such an implementation after just a few months.The most important advantages from using EDM systems are:

  • Lower cost of handling paper documentation. In particular, the savings include the purchase of paper, prints – that is, ink, toners and service in case of failure.
  • Easier and faster access to documents. EDM software enables you to search, view and share documents more efficiently, speeding up business and administrative processes.
  • Greater control over documentation. EZD systems allow you to set access permissions, so you can control who has access to specific documents.
  • Document security. Digitization gives more effective security of documents against loss and unauthorized access.
  • Improving service quality. Electronic document management systems help improve service quality through faster processing of documents and greater accuracy in verification.
  • Easier collaboration. The EDM system facilitates collaboration between employees and business partners by enabling easier sharing and transfer of documents.
  • Eco friendly. Document management systems reduces the use of paper and other office supplies, which benefits the environment.
  • Automation and work optimization. EDM information enable efficient management, make work faster automated and enjoyable.

Electronic Document Management in the V-Desk System

The V-Desk system is more than just a software for electronic document management in an organization. V-Desk’s capabilities are much greater! It is a system of DMS/Workflow class, which means that it allows both electronic flow of documents and work processes in a company or public administration. V-Desk allows you to introduce a paper document into the electronic workflow thanks to the OCR module by Primesoft. The digital form can then be processed according to the procedures inside the organization. However, that’s not all. V-Desk allows the modeling of processes and handling of other intra-company matters such as attendance, reporting and billing of business trips, absences and booking of internal resources. Another interesting feature is the ability to budget projects, which works well with electronic project documentation management. Learn more about the capabilities of the V-Desk system today by making an appointment for a free presentation