Electronic vacation requests – how not to think about work while on vacation

Holidays are often a challenging time in companies. The vacation itself is a pleasure for the employee, while for the rest of the staff remaining in the company, it means more responsibilities.

The main challenges during this period are:

  • delegation of tasks
  • management of replacements
  • maintaining adequate productivity of the company
  • ensuring trouble-free workflow in the organization

There are advanced business applications of the Business Process Management class available on the market, such as the V-Desk platform by Primesoft Poland, a company from Poznań, which enables efficient management of business processes remotely, including processes in the area of HR.

The first and most basic functionality in workflow systems is the ability for an employee to submit an electronic leave request from virtually anywhere, without having to visit the office.

Further processing and approval of the document is done online. Each employee creates their own vacation schedule in the system, the application is filled out electronically and approved by the supervisor to ultimately be sent to HR.

The entire process follows a defined approval path, in accordance with internal regulations and company instructions without the need for paper.

Time to get back to work – catching up? You don’t have to!

Importantly, the tasks of employees on vacation are automatically redirected to their appropriate predefined substitutes, who take over specific duties.

The system provides all the relevant information about the tasks being taken over. The replacement person, without unnecessary explanations and time-consuming preparation of files, can work efficiently and replace the person going on leave.

Upon returning from vacation, the employee will quickly check the current status of tasks and activities undertaken so that they can smoothly start their duties.

Company-wide leave planning and management is done:

  • completely electronically
  • remotely
  • safely

No more unnecessary calls to HR?

Overflowing vacation files lingering in binders are giving way to digital documents. Tools built into workflow systems in the form of graphical leave calendars, email notifications about the status of requests, the ability to easily add appropriate attachments in any format, and alerts are just some of the tools that ensure the quick and efficient processing of online leave requests.

The advantages of vacation requests handled electronically include:

  • the history and leave schedule of each employee is stored in one place in the system
  • a clear schedule of vacations
  • efficient communication between the company and HR
  • tasks are passed on in an easy and transparent manner
  • accessibility to the calendar and applications at any time, anywhere
  • no lost paper vacation requests
  • no more numerous phone calls to HR with questions about remaining leave days
  • no more chasing a supervisor to approve a request
  • no more lost paper requests