Ensure an attractive image of yourself as an employer – efficient online recruitment

Recruit remotely with workflow – unbelievably simple

The challenges faced by today’s employers in the area of recruitment are mainly to ensure that there are enough qualified employees.

The recruitment process from the “technical” side requires managing a large number of documents, gathering them in one place, ensuring a transparent and easy flow of information about recruitment processes between managers.

It’s also the need to build a base of competence and specialization according to the needs of the company.

Digitization of HR is now a necessity, which requires the use of appropriate IT platforms, mainly of the workflow, BPM, or DMS class.

These solutions will allow you to safely complete and not duplicate documents of candidates, gain quick access to them, and easily archive. Multifunctional Business Process Management platforms are solutions that support and automate the entire employee recruitment process and provide quick information at all stages of recruitment:

  • handling the request for a position
  • handling contact with a candidate and the interview
  • handling the hiring stage and conducting the onboarding process.

For the benefit of the most important asset of any business – the EMPLOYEE

An example of such a solution is the V-Desk platform provided by Primesoft Poland.

By using the V-Desk system, we gain a single tool that makes it possible to comprehensively take care of the entire recruitment process,” says Justyna Bartoszek , HR Manager at Primesoft Poland , which has been recruiting employees for many years, mainly for IT positions.

The tool performs all the stages of recruitment without the risk of omitting activities important for the company. Some of the most valuable benefits for me include time savings and efficient communication. The system allows very fast circulation not only of documents, but also of information about the next steps in the recruitment processes, and all this data is gathered in one place.

What’s important, the platform also allows to quickly generate reports , and this is of invaluable value in ensuring the quality and efficiency of recruitment processes. Moreover, the use of a system helping effectively create competent project teams is especially important for IT companies.

The V-Desk system, which enables the creation of a detailed database of the potential of employed workers, meets these needs perfectly.” – adds Ms. Justyna, who has been involved in recruitment for many years.

Handling recruitment processes using the BPM V-Desk system provides:

  • automation of selected recruitment stages;
  • centralization of data and a secure repository of job candidates’ applications;
  • creating an extensive and credible candidate profile for the employer;
  • an electronic archive of documentation of recruitment processes;
  • a detailed repository of the database of the potential of employed workers;
  • Simple and intuitive searching, which enables the creation of competent project teams;