High level of Primesoft Poland services confirmed by ISO certification

Secure information management

A mature organization like Primesoft, which offers services and solutions in the field of information technology, is aware all the benefits, but also risks, which come with the use of solutions that enable information processing and access to it.

Since its establishment, the company has placed special emphasis on the security of its systems to avoid risks associated with the storage and processing of information.

This included solutions for all clients, including financial institutions with stringent data security and information management requirements.

Why ISO 27001

With the rapid growth of the company, which has grown from a team of a dozen or so people to a large organization with nearly 200 employees, we began to see the need for the system solutions and procedures we had developed to gain a structured framework.

It was also our intention to benefit from the expertise of experienced professionals in the field of security system assurance so as to improve the solutions we have implemented.

With a view to our clients, in particular to raise in their estimation of our credibility and increase trust among them, we have taken the important decision to undergo a certification audit.

How we chose a certification company

Given the expected benefits of ISO implementation, we chose with special care when commissioning an accredited organization to conduct a certification audit.

Above all, we wanted our company to be able to present an extensive portfolio of implementations, with experience in this type of project.

We decided to choose the most prestigious auditor, TÜV NORD GROUP, operating under the accreditation of the German DAkkS unit.

What benefits has ISO 27001 certification provided for us and our clients?

“We have always been committed to providing a high level of services. Obtaining the certificate confirms that the system developed and improved in the audit process is a guarantee of our credibility, and we can offer our services to the most demanding clients”

Filip Kolendo, Vice President of the Board of Directors

We believe we have achieved one of the key goals of certification, which is to increase our credibility among our clients. This was accomplished by selecting the prestigious and internationally recognized TUV NORD Group organization.

We have established an Information Security Management System based on years of experience. Our system ensures:

  • Certification of all the organization’s processes
  • Cyclical verification of implemented guidelines
  • Continuous improvement activities
  • Conscious risk management

A positive audit assessment is a guarantee for us and our clients that the implemented procedures and measures that make up the Information Security Management System comply with internationally recognized standards. On the other hand, the requirements and recommendations imposed by the standard for continuous verification of their effectiveness force us to strive for excellence in this area.

Our clients can rest assured that, acting in accordance with the requirements of the standard, we are able to effectively manage and consciously reduce and completely eliminate the risks associated with information processing.

What else is ahead?

As we embarked on the process of certification and submission to the rigorous and stringent requirements of PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017, we knew that the bar had been set high.

Our task is to maintain the developed standards at a high level, but above all to improve the system through the conscious work of everyone at the company, from the employees to the management of Primesoft Poland.

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