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Electronic personnel records E-personnel

Based on Enterprise-class solutions for BPM (Business Process Management) and DMS (Document Management System) systems, the tools in the V-Desk system enable effective management of a number of processes that are part of the complex mechanism of electronic personnel documentation in the company. Our solutions are particularly appreciated by the HR and Recruitment departments. The tool that supports e-personnel and the management process is a mature and comprehensive solution that will streamline the processing of the company’s electronic personnel records and significantly improve the functioning of other processes in the relevant areas of the company.

Electronic personnel records E-personnel

E-personnel and electronic HR workflows

Both the digitization of documents, the creation of an electronic document repository, and the management of document workflow in V-Desk, allow for the efficient conduct of important HR processes in every enterprise:

  • Managing the process of recruiting and hiring employees
  • Management of employee personnel documents
  • Maintaining the employee’s e-file
  • Preparation of employee contracts and issuance of work tools
  • Management of job responsibilities and job description sheets
  • Management of time records and employee evaluations

The implementations of the V-Desk system we have achieved so far clearly show that the employee’s HR documents and the storage of other documents in a single electronic archive of the V-Desk system allows, thanks to digitization, for a very efficient management of information and document workflows as part of HR processes.

Software tools

Thanks to the implementation of V-Desk in HR, many of our clients indicate that storing HR documents digitally together with the flexible and comprehensive management of HR processes within a single tool allows for the effective management of all employee HR documents, such as: the employee file, employee evaluation sheets, personnel documents, and requests for bonuses. As the demands facing employers on the labor market grow, so do our clients’ expectations regarding the possibility of implementing processes in the V-Desk system. Therefore, as part of the development of the system, we also provide our clients with a set of tools for the efficient management of documentation related to recruiting employees.


Employee e-File

In many companies, the storage of personnel documents as well as the management of employee file records is a process that requires special attention and control. Therefore, in the V-Desk system, we have built a dedicated module for managing an employee’s electronic file consisting of four areas:

  • pre-employment documents – entrance examinations, labor certificate, qualification documents
  • documentation during employment – questionnaires, occupational health and safety, subsequent medical examinations, employment contract, fire safety, GDPR, changes in personal data
  • dismissal of the employee – termination of the contract and employment certificate
  • correspondence regarding the employee – reprimands, penalties, correspondence with the enoforcement officer

Functions of the E-Human Resources V-Desk software

The V-Desk system also allows the preparation of automatic notifications sent, e.g. to an e-mail address, concerning dates important for employee entitlements (for example: end of periodic examinations, end of validity of health and safety training, end of employment contract, notifications concerning the end of maternity or parental leave).

For efficient document processing, we prepare our solutions in such a way that it is possible to integrate them with other ERP systems or HR programs operating in the company.

In order to provide our clients with flexible, comprehensive and mature solutions, we confirm that the employee e-file module in the V-Desk system is compliant with the Regulation of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy dated 10/12/2018 on employee records.

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