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Intranet for Business

An Intranet is a comprehensive tool that supports properly organized information exchange within a company and efficient internal communication between employees. As one of the modules of the V-Desk system, Intranet for Business is an easy-to-use, web-based access solution that facilitates the sharing of information and documents, as well as a place to delegate tasks or access other areas of V-Desk business management.

Processes supported by the Intranet

The Intranet for Business module in the V-Desk system provides support for important HR areas, streamlining the following processes:


What is a company intranet?

As a modern internal communication tool and a place for distributing and storing unlimited types of documents,V-Desk in the Intranet module supports sample documents:

  • templates for letters, offers, company documents,
  • instructions and manuals,
  • intra-organizational procedures,
  • vacation request forms,
  • resource reservation forms, as well as many others.

Benefits of a company intranet

Implementing an Intranet for a company increases its competitiveness, affecting its financial gain due to a number of indirect benefits:

  • efficiency of information distribution
  • relieving the burden on HR departments
  • supporting the management of company resources
  • a company Intranet allows to gather knowledge and information about the company in one place
  • reduces the onboarding time for new employees getting acquainted with company procedures and documents
  • saving time otherwise wasted on searching for information or forwarding documents by email. All documents are stored in multifunctional repositories.
  • A company Intranet supports collaboration between teams, providing a modern tool for internal communication.

Functionality of the Intranet system

A company Intranet is a component of the V-Desk system, and is also often used by customers as a resource reservation system.

Reservation of resources from the level of the Intranet offers the possibility to manage any type and unlimited number of resources, such as equipment (laptops, projectors), and other items (conference rooms with equipment, parking spaces, company vehicles).

The Intranet is also an employee time reservation system, whose main objective is to facilitate the scheduling of meetings, trips or other business events, together with the reservation of resources. The flexibility of the solution allows to manage access or define access statuses in relation to specific categories of resources.

Intranet integrations

As part of the Intranet, the V-Desk system can interact with the client’s other domain systems by exchanging data, as well as sharing the approval permissions matrix and description/dictionary scheme. The integrations carried out so far have involved ERP and accounting systems.


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