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The electronic invoice workflow system is a support of the company’s business processes in the area of financial documents ensuring efficient management of purchase invoices and effective management of the company’s finances. E-invoicing and management of electronic workflow of accounting documents is one of the modules of the V-Desk system. This process is one of the most complex workflows, but contributes to greater efficiency for finance department employees.

V-Desk’s electronic invoice workflow system consists of a number of practical functions that allow full automation and optimization of the circulation of financial documents. It is a software for generating invoices, as well as modifying, recording and processing them without the need for a hard-copy document, together with their electronic archiving.

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Integration of the V-Desk platform with the National e-Invoicing System.

Efficient and effective sending and receiving of e-invoices to and from KSeF.

Integration with KSeF allows all users of the V-Desk platform to efficiently and quickly register structured invoices (cost and revenue), as well as present them in a clear graphical form.

Any V-Desk user can use this functionality to send and receive e-invoices to and from KSeF. In this way, the user has the highest quality document flow between their organization and the KSeF platform.

Efficient and effective sending and receiving of e-invoices is the main goal of the integration:

  • cost invoices
  • revenue invoices


Selected functionalities of the invoice
workflow process in V-Desk:

  • Registration and processing of purchase invoices of any type: cost, material, value and quantity corrections. Registration and recording of invoices is fully automated through the use of OCR (optical character recognition).
  • The ability to define any dedicated and multi-stage invoice workflow paths.
  • Invoice processing, assignment and forwarding for payment.
  • Secure electronic document archiving that allows only authorized users to access data.


At each step of the invoice processing, the user has the option to add different types of attachments to the process, such as protocols, approvals, contracts, or purchase orders. An extensive system of permissions and roles allows for full configuration and customization of the process to meet the needs of the organization.

Transparent reporting of processed invoices along with the history of approvals and changes made, automatic email alerts about upcoming payment deadlines, alerts about overdue invoices, identification of bottlenecks (people holding up the process of approval and assignment) – all this enables efficient invoice management, as well as the planning and control of budgets. The visible history of work on a document and the ability of multiple users to work on a document at the same time enables the analysis of process efficiency.

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Manage your business from anywhere.

Thanks to the powerful document scanning system using built-in scanning mechanisms (including batch scanning) and barcode tagging, users don’t have to worry about lost or damaged documents.

With the ability to use mobile applications, users can access documents from anywhere. The handling time of the entire process is reduced, payment processing times are optimized, and the electronic archive is easily accessible to all users.

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The ability to use two-way data exchange with any ERP system allows to automate invoice processing and eliminate the need to re-enter existing data.

Selected systems integrated with V-Desk:

  • SAP
  • BANN
  • CDN XL
  • IFS
  • Exact
  • Navision
  • Symphony
  • And others…

Electronic invoice workflow in your company.

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