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ISO documentation

The module allows to fully automate the workflow of procedures and instructions, planning inspections and audits in the area of ISO documentation.

The V-Desk electronic workflow supports companies in the area of ISO documentation. The module enables storing, organizing and providing access to all documentation related to quality procedures. Users gain the ability to define and implement the relevant processes.

ISO quality documentation management securely and easily verifies the life cycle of company procedures, instructions, audit documentation, corrective and remedial actions. System-managed quality documentation on the V-Desk platform is always made available to users only in the current and approved version.

All procedures in one place?

  • observance of all documentation management requirements
  • detailed definition of the scope of access and permissions
  • reviews, revisions, publication of new versions of documents
  • easy access to archived documentation
  • continuous updating of document templates
  • full control over document circulation and publication
  • easy and fast access to archival documentation
  • following only procedures approved and reviewed by the Management Board

Documents always up-to-date and in the right version

  • access to documentation is fully supervised by an authorization system that takes into account the different levels of user permissions
  • documents and records are secure thanks to regular saved copies and versioning
  • electronic signing of documents
  • monitoring of the documentation creation process

Manage your documents securely.

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