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Electronic leave management

Leave and absence management is an area for which a number of functionalities and tools have been developed in the V-Desk system, optimizing work and increasing its efficiency. In addition, the system is also a source of knowledge and a point of access to information in the form of data, such as leave records, or planning tools like graphical leave planner.

The V-Desk leave management system helps the employer to implement leave planning in the organization in a correct way, saving time and money, and then to supervise and modify the whole process if necessary.

The traditional leave file can be successfully replaced with our tool. The leave and absence management module allows to create a leave schedule to determine how employees are charged and granted time off.

Electronic leave management

Electronic holiday requests

The flexible architecture allows to define workflow paths for request circulation as needed. Processes are modeled according to an appropriately defined acceptance path, in accordance with internal regulations and instructions.

In V-Desk, each leave request is available as an electronic form, the filling out of which initiates an electronic workflow by submitting the task for approval.

As the task is completed, the system automatically triggers notifications about its status, and then marks the absences in the vacation schedule.

Digital holiday records

Overflowing leave files lingering in binders must give way to digital documents.

The system enables the secure archiving of cases and documents, and maintains and supervises an electronic leave register, providing the ability to generate reports and search the collected data.

Allowing for effective leave management and equipped with a modern leave schedule, the software has a positive impact in the organization on increasing efficiency and optimizing work in the area of leave and absence management from the perspective of the entire company as well as employees and managers.


Benefits of electronic leave management

Benefits to the employee:

  • Efficient and fast filling out of leave requests
  • access to the leave schedule
  • easy-to-read leave schedule
  • automatic calculation of days off which the employee is entitled to

Benefits for the employer:

  • defined circulation paths
  • assignment of responsibility for each task
  • easy and clear access to documents
  • generating reports
  • quick access to data, documents

Benefits for the staff:

  • saving paper and document storage space
  • quick sending of requests
  • alerts and notifications about ending vacations
  • securing documents from destruction
  • high level of data security

Software functionalities

The electronic workflow of leave requests significantly streamlines and optimizes work in the area of leave management by automating the processing of leave requests.

Initiating the process of electronic leave requests in the V-Desk system is easier and faster than filling out paper forms. The employee, by filling out the document, justifies the leave, completes the attachments, and indicates the replacement person, and the system automatically transfers the task to the appropriate person.

Leave software tools

The advantages of the system include built-in features and tools in the form of notifications about a pending task, and the ability to easily add relevant attachments in any format, such as a doctor’s certificate or other documents justifying the submission of a request.

With the supervisor’s approval, the system automatically sends email notifications about the status of the task.

Built-in alerts, notifications, and the auto-completing of absences contribute to the quick and efficient adaptation of the leave schedule to the work of the organization.

Appropriate document templates are generated in the system, depending on the type of absence of the employee and the days off granted to them.

Processing documents in the V-Desk system supports many types of leave requests:

  • vacation
  • occasional
  • per child under 14
  • birth-related
  • training
  • health

Software integrations

The V-Desk system can be integrated with other domain systems in the organization. When it comes to a the module for handling leave requests, the most commonly used are ERP systems.

Then the information collected in the system during document processing can be used and transferred to systems that handle HR and payroll.

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