New ways or old ways – how should your business function after the pandemic?

Is it a return to normalcy? How can it be facilitated?

The new reality we are currently facing is causing companies to look for solutions to help them operate in the virtual world. The pandemic changed the world, and during this period we learned to function very differently.

We had to learn how to work and function virtually, and how to operate in new ways.

Are businesses still not prepared to digitize their operations?

We know now that remote work is here to stay. Companies that want to maintain their leadership position and stay one step ahead of the competition will be forced to look for solutions to support online operations.

What is the best place to look for tools supporting work in this new reality? What tools should you invest in make sure your company keeps up with the market? How can information be managed at a distance? How can business processes and other company resources be managed remotely, how can documents be processed online, and how can they be processed outside the office?

We need solutions that guarantee the continuity of business operations and eliminate the barriers that accompany their operation in the virtual world.

Meeting the challenges of the pandemic – choosing the right tools for remote work

BPM, DMS and Workflow class software platforms are the main components of remote work, which allow any organization to seamlessly transfer business processes from the office to the home office. Electronic workflow systems, business process management systems open the door to the digital reality.

It is workflow solutions that guarantee proper communication, a well-coordinated workflow, quick access to information, and increase home office efficiency and productivity.

There is no escaping the automation of business processes, the digitization of documents and the introduction of new digital solutions. Reviewing the market in this area, we can see that there are many solutions that will assist businesses in this area.

The workflow/DMS/BPM class system V-Desk from Primesoft Poland is a comprehensive solution for optimizing business processes, implementing an electronic document workflow system, and electronic archiving. The tool enables:

  • elimination of paper-based document processing
  • efficient online processing of documents, without the need for direct contact between employees and their presence in the office
  • remote access to documents
  • smooth and efficient home office: quick processing of invoices, signing of contracts, approval of official letters, circulation of vacation requests, generation of orders, handling of business trips or complaints, and the ability to handle an unlimited number of other business processes necessary for the proper functioning of the company.

Will we return to the office?

A report prepared by, “Working in the era of the coronavirus,” shows that 9 out of 10 respondents want to work, at least in part, remotely after the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. The majority of respondents expect home office work to increase in importance in the future.

Working remotely offers advantages not so much for the employee, but also for the company and employer as a whole: a reduction of physical office space and a reduction of costs associated with the operation of the office (rents, utility bills, facilities, equipment, furniture, cleaning, etc.).

All these factors significantly affect companies’ costs. On the other hand, properly selected online working tools will help the company get on the path of digital development after the pandemic.

It’s safe to assume, based on the benefits employers and employees gain from working online, that we won’t soon return to offices permanently.