Digitalization and precision in pharmacy

optimization of processes in Farmapol with V-Desk

Production of medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics, active substances for the pharmaceutical industry and contract manufacturing and packaging services – this is the reach offer of Poznan-based company. At the same time, the high quality of products, innovation of technology and guarantee of safety, confirmed by certificates, place the company high among Polish pharmaceutical producers.

Pharmacist’s precision must go hand in hand with proper handling of areas characterised by the large number of generated documents. In the Company, such areas include the circulation of cost documents, as well as handling contracts with contractors. The rapid growth of the company brought an increase in the number of documents, including invoices, and with this their handling became more demanding. This was associated with the extension of their processing time, the creation of so-called bottlenecks while waiting for the description or acceptance of the document.

We came to the rescue by previously diagnosing the situation in the Company, finding dedicated solutions, taking into account the specific nature of the pharmaceutical industry. The V-Desk system was created, optimising the process of decreeing and accepting invoices in the company. The V-Desk system is also a place for electronic registration of contracts, providing a secure archive of stored documents.

Solutions implemented at Farmapol:

Changes that have taken place as a result of digitalization:

  • automation of documents registration
  • elimination of paper invocies form circulation
  • digital records of contracts
  • elimination of papaer print-outs, copying of contracts