ECO-Classic benefits of the impelementation

V-Desk improves processes

During conducting construction projects, the company faces challenges in the areas, where the flow of information and documents plays an important role. Single- or multi-phase investments require coordinated work between teams of various departments. The aim of implementing an electronic document workflow was to cover the relevant places of document circulation with a single platform.

Thanks to a single tool, the handling of many relevant processes has been streamlined. Through the implementation of the V-Desk system, significant benefits has been achieved, including increased efficiency due to task optimisation or better control over timeline. The data gathered in the system builds up the base of necessary information. On the other hand, well-defined mechanisms of access management guarantee their security.

Along with the V-Desk system, the processes of handling cost documents in construction projects have been streamlined, accompanied by the contracts module, allow for controlling and supervising the investment project.

One of the other areas where digitalization has brought beneficial changes is the mailroom office. With its digital launch the workflow of documents within an investment project is more orchestrated and efficient.

The company, thanks to the V-Desk system, gains savings on paper printouts while the efficient information workflow saves time.