OCR by Primesoft

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) programs are text scanning applications designed to ensure high quality work and contribute to the development of the organization where they are used.

The text scanning application, thanks to its automatic text recognition technology, can quickly and efficiently convert scans of books, magazines or brochures into text.

The OCR application we offer allows to avoid manually transcribing documents. All you have to do is scan the document and process it using OCR software, which assigns the contents of the documents to appropriately predefined metrics in the system. This is the main advantage of the text recognition software we offer – OCR by Primesoft. It frees employees from tedious and reproductive work, giving them time to pursue their main tasks and responsibilities.

With text-reading programs, we avoid many of the hurdles associated with data processing. OCR by Primesoft is an advanced application that automatically verifies information and processes data contained in a document.

The OCR text scanning program takes the data from the document and automatically enters it into the system, checking the correctness of the scanned data in the validation process: document number, document date, bank account number, NIP [tax ID] number, net and gross amount values, VAT rate, payment date, contractor name, invoice number, and many others.

Sources of data include telephone, scanner, post, and forms.


Modern solutions, such as OCR software, are used for reading a fixed set of data for a variety of document types, such as:

  • invoices
  • bills for HR contracts
  • confirmation of transfers
  • insurance policies
  • temporary registration certificates
  • fines
  • receipts and others

The OCR system offers two types of service:


OCR Index

With this functionality, the system recognizes specific indexes and extracts them from the scanned image – casually speaking, it is an OCR scanner. It can be used for all types of documents (invoice, contract, purchase order, insurance policy, fine, receipt, and other documents). After automatic recognition and validation, the data from the images is then used in templates for further processes operating in the company.


Full Text OCR

This functionality allows searching the content of the documents registered in the system. The use of full-text search algorithms allows you to quickly find the information you need and browse documents by the attributes and keywords that describe them.

Document language

The intelligent OCR scanner recognizes content regardless of the language of the document and is applicable to any business sphere with the dominant area of financial documents. We perform intelligent OCR reading of data from documents in the following languages: English, Czech, French, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Hungarian, and Italian. The OCR mechanism is subject to a continuous learning process and is therefore open to new linguistic possibilities.

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