Operation of the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) vs. workflow systems

Primesoft, as a provider of a platform for electronic document exchange, constantly monitors legislative changes in Polish law. One of the key concerns is to ensure that the solutions and services offered by the company always fully comply with the latest regulations.

According to the law of October 29, 2021, the National e-Invoicing System (KSeF) will be introduced with the start of the new year. This involves the implementation of a structured invoice in XML format. Businesses will be required to send sales invoices to the National e-Invoicing System [Krajowy System eFaktur]. In addition, all purchase invoices (cost, storage) will also be downloaded from this platform. In 2022, the use of KSeF will be voluntary, but from 2024 KSeF will be mandatory for businesses.

Workflow/BPM class IT systems, due to the changes coming into effect, will become an essential tool for many companies to facilitate the automatic retrieval and management of cost documentation.

National e-Invoicing System

We will use KSeF from the beginning of 2022. Combined with the V-Desk system, it will make it even more efficient and faster to record structured invoices, as well as to present them to users in an easy-to-read graphical form.

Thus, Primesoft encourages to prepare for this change.

All users of the V-Desk platform will be able to use it to send and receive e-invoices to and from KSeF.

For all those interested in the topic, Primesoft prepared a webinar during which we presented how to prepare for the changes and how the process of sending and receiving electronic documents to and from the National e-Invoice System using our platform will look in practice.

On behalf of the information systems experts at Primesoft Poland, we invite you to watch the webinar and contact us. We will be happy to provide you with comprehensive answers to any questions you may have.

The webinar is intended for both current users of the V-Desk platform and potential customers.