Paperless – paperwork is becoming a thing of the past, and not only out planet will benefit from this

Paperless – the next step to the future

Paperless is the elimination of the traditional paper form of documents in favor of a digital form.

It is the efficient execution of business processes and the use of modern digital solutions that lead to the automation and digitization of workflows.

The paperless strategy is a solution for companies that want to strive for modernity and increase their competitiveness, are aware of the need to improve the operational efficiency of business processes, and that want to operate cost-effectively.

Paper documentation is still present in virtually every department and is an essential part of the company’s operation: invoices, orders, contracts, requests, letters and much more.

Operating a company based only on a traditional paper-based workflow is now a thing of the past.

As the results of many studies show, paper-based processes are incredibly inefficient as they: 

  • reduce productivity
  • result in higher costs
  • pose a threat to information security

The main aspects of digital business are: an electronic workflow, electronic signatures, e-invoicing, cloud computing, digital communication channels, as well as mobile devices that are so commonly used these days.

Is a paperless office possible?

Consider the time it takes to process paper forms and the physical space needed to store these documents. It is a waste of time and money.

The solution for getting rid of paper and modernizing the organization, resulting in better business performance, is to implement a paperless strategy.

Companies that do not get rid of old habits today and reach for digital solutions will be left behind by innovative competitors tomorrow.

The right choice of tools for digitization is necessary for the successful implementation of a paperless strategy. Shifting to electronic forms of documents and extending them to most areas of the organization’s operation is a goal we should strive to achieve. The tools to achieve this goal include workflow and DMS-class IT systems,” – says Michał Matejko, account manager of Primesoft Poland, a provider of workflow software.

Eliminating paper documents, getting rid of business processes carried out in the traditional way, and moving away from signing with a pen on paper – these things are becoming a part of our everyday work and a necessity,” – adds Mr. Michał, who has been involved in the digitization processes of companies for many years.


Earth – let’s start thinking about our planet seriously

The environmental factor is crucial. Every second, more than 10 tons of paper are produced worldwide. This affects energy and water consumption, increased air pollution and deforestation – every piece of paper used matters at this point. It is estimated that by 2030 – compared to 2005 – global annual paper production will double.

The first step to save our Earth is to reduce paper consumption. The paper production process is at the top of the list of those most damaging to the environment. It is estimated that the average office uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year. That’s 3/4 of an acre of pine forest. And it can be saved every year! Think about it before clicking: PRINT!