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Purchase management software

The company’s entire purchasing process carried out in the V-Desk system is optimized and fully managed, which results in improved efficiency of purchasing management and planning.

The starting point of purchasing processes in the system itself is the purchasing documentation in the form of an electronic request, which is filled out by the user and then subjected to further processing. Thanks to this, the idea of paperless workflow is put into practice.

The companies’ purchasing platforms operate in several stages. Thanks to the V-Desk system, at the various stages, the request allows for, through validation and the automatic completion of data on assortment, quantity, ordering party and counterparty data, the control and planning of expenses before the obligation actually arises based on the relevant purchase documents. The purchasing process in an enterprise or a company reaches its final stage in the system when the purchase is linked to the invoice and the order execution task is delegated.

Purchase management software

Purchasing processes in the company

The V-Desk system allows for processes such as:

  • Preparation and registration of orders
  • Registration of documents and circulation of inquiries
  • Record of purchase invoices and documents with allocation to budget items
  • Assigning the order to the correct contract or invoice
  • Record of purchase invoices, multi-stage approval, and billing and reporting in the system
Purchase management system

With the introduction of a single system that is an information base, where authorized employees have access to purchasing documentation, it is possible to obtain any procurement reports that contribute to the effective management of purchasing and cash flow generation.

Programme integrations for the electronic handling and management of purchasing processes

Purchasing procedures are integrated with the budgeting module, through access to records of purchase invoices, which provides the possibility of relevant reporting. This is made possible not only by documenting expenses through purchase invoices, but also thanks to the commitments made that are registered in the procurement module.

As a business process management system, V-Desk not only ensures financial savings, but also provides benefits in the form of time savings and resource optimization. The company’s entire purchasing procedure promotes the reduction of paperwork when documenting the process – this is done by connection to the invoice workflow module, which also performs the functions of a program for entering purchase invoices.

The integration allows for one-time registration of documents, and describing and approving the expense, which results in freeing up time and staff resources.

As soon as a purchase invoice arrives in the organization, it is automatically paired with an order in the V-Desk system, and the decree and approval are transferred from the order to the invoice, which significantly shortens the invoice circulation process and optimizes purchase management.

Purchasing management software tools

Based on the V-Desk system, the purchasing platform has tools that, in the course of transfer of tasks within the process, operate a system of alerts and email notifications. Through integration with the central database of contractors in the ERP or CRM system or other system, it is possible to share it between these systems.

On the other hand, at the invoice stage, through integration with the accounting system, in which the record of purchase invoices is kept, a connection is made between the purchase and the cost assigned to it.

The implementation of the purchasing platform along with the use of the V-Desk system provides transparency and ease of information retrieval, and in the long run allows for simplification and standardization of processes. To achieve this, you can also introduce cyclical orders. Defining cyclical orders will optimize the management of purchasing processes, without sacrificing supervision.

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