The V-Room platform

The V-Room platform

The V-Room platform is a tool that provides a dedicated and secure space. Electronic documents can be used simultaneously in the course of work by many people in the company.

The V-Room system provides a virtual co-working space over documents, as well as support for electronic signatures.

V-Room in conjunction with V-Desk (or via an open API with other systems as well) sends electronic documents directly from a V-Desk user to people outside the organization without the need to set up accounts or purchase additional licenses.

Why V-Room?

  • Secure document sharing
  • Creating a space to work on documents simultaneously
  • Access for users within one organization or by external users
  • No need to create an account to work on a document
  • Cloud solution – access from any place
  • Operation through a browser
  • Open API for integrations with different systems

Selected functionalities

  • Creating virtual rooms to work on documents at the workflow system level
  • Sending dedicated invitations to virtual workspaces – virtual rooms
  • Signing documents with an electronic signature
  • The ability to edit documents online (requires Microsoft365 license)
  • The ability to download documents locally and edit without a Microsoft365 license
  • Interface adapted to the resolution of computers and tablets
  • Multilingual interface
  • Open API for integrations with different systems

Selected application scenarios

  • Arrangement of contract provisions with the counterparty
  • Working together with a law firm on the contents of the contract
  • Sending an employment contract to an employee
  • Sending a request for proposal to bidders
  • Forwarding an order to the supplier
  • Sending an offer or contract to the customer
  • Submission of a document for signing by means of an electronic certificate

Integration with Microsoft 365

  • document review
  • online acceptance of changes
  • amendments and comments
  • data supplementation
  • working in the track changes mode

Document tools

  • adding a new version of a document
  • editing in Microsoft 365
  • editing in LibreOffice
  • switching views
  • searching through the contents of a document
  • scaling
  • document signing
  • printing


  • Primesoft Poland’s highest security standards
  • Microsoft Azure security policies
  • High availability thanks to containerization technology – Kubernetes
  • Storing files in an isolated resource
  • Secure transfer of files, such as classified correspondence or electronic documents, protected by data protection laws

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