V-Desk platform – integration with KSeF – efficient and effective sending and receipt of e-invoices

Properly prepare your company for the obligation to use KSeF.

We have been helping users of the V-Desk workflow platform manage documents and business processes appropriately for more than 20 years. We are currently facing modifications related to KSeF. We are not standing still, we are constantly monitoring legislative changes in Polish law. One of our key concerns is to ensure that the solutions and services we offer always fully comply with the latest regulations.

As the manufacturer and distributor of the V-Desk workflow-class platform, we are preparing an advanced functionality for users of the electronic document circulation system to cooperate with KSeF, i.e. automatic sending and receiving of e-invoices to and from the National e-Invoice System.

Integration of V-Desk with KSeF will allow efficient and fast registration of structured invoices, as well as presenting them in a clear graphic form. All V-Desk platform users will be able to use the functionality to send and receive e-invoices to and from KSeF. In this way, they will gain the highest quality document flow between the organization and the KSeF platform.

Integration with KSeF in V-Desk – without the need for programming and involvement of the IT department.

The functionality of cooperation with KSeF has already been made available to the first users of the V-Desk electronic document workflow system. As a result, they will be able to implement the changes required by the legislator without worries. The implementation of electronic invoice workflow integrated with KSeF will be necessary due to the company’s preparation for future legislative changes. Primesoft, as a business process management platform provider, constantly ensures that its products are adapted to market changes, as well as any legislative changes.

According to the Act of October 29, 2021, businesses will be required to send sales invoices to the National e-Invoice System. In addition, all purchase invoices (cost, warehouse) will also be downloaded from this platform. From the beginning of 2022, the use of KSeF is voluntary, while 2024 is the year when the use of this solution will be mandatory for businesses.