V-Desk system functionalities

OCR BY Primesoft

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition – this is a text scanning application that provides high quality work and contributes to the development of the organization where it is used.

The OCR application we offer allows to avoid manually transcribing documents. All you have to do is scan the document and process it using OCR software, which assigns the contents of the documents to appropriately predefined metrics in the system.

This is the main advantage of the text recognition software we offer – OCR by Primesoft – which allows you to free your employees from tedious and reproductive work, giving you time to focus on your main tasks.

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The V-Desk Mobile business mobile app running on Android and iOS allows to work with documents from anywhere. A mobile app for the company is effectively used to organize and automate many business tasks. Depending on the user’s privileges, it allows to perform document-related tasks remotely within a given process.

Remote access to documents not only reduces processing time, but also significantly optimizes the work of employees. The V-Desk mobile system gives you the ability to accept invoices or leave requests without having to use a computer. Users receive remote access to their V-Desk calendar with always up-to-date tasks.

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Reporting and sending data to Power BI

Advanced analytical tools in the V-Desk system make it possible to collect and systematize data, and further transfer it to Power BI. The functionality is mainly used by executives, analysts, and business process architects. It allows for an easy and convenient creation of analysis and reports from all data stored in the V-Desk system, as well as data downloaded from domain systems integrated with the V-Desk platform.

It is possible to define any statements according to individually selected criteria, compare current data with stored values from previous periods, and export reports to most formats (PDF, Excel, CSV, XML). Aggregation, defining specific time intervals and many other functionalities enable data analysis on many levels, and the flexibility of the functionality enables independent customization to changing user needs even after the implementation period is over.

With the added V-Room feature, it is possible to edit documents online and work on them in a virtual environment.

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Electronic signature

Signing contracts, submitting reports and statements,
approving bids and business trips – thanks to the Primesoft Sign application built into the system, it is possible to electronically sign virtually any document regardless of its format or signature provider. The platform, also with the V-Room option, supports both qualified and non-qualified electronic signatures with the possibility to use PAdES and XAdES formats.

The use of this functionality not only increases the level of authorization in the company, but also the ability to send important documents electronically without the need to print and manually sign documents.

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Due to the key role of the V-Desk system in the organization, as well as the data archived in it, we pay special attention and care to ensure the security of the system, especially since it has been implemented in financial and banking institutions, where the criteria for ensuring data security are at a very high level.

The primary factors guaranteeing security include:

  • SSL protocol proven in internet banking
  • password encryption
  • single-use session keys
  • logs of each visit
  • registration of each document download
  • extensive permissions mechanism
  • integration with AD

The information security management system introduced by us has been certified for compliance with ISO 27001 standards.

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Document generation

The functionality allows for quick and easy bulk generation of documents. The V-Desk system handles both internal business processes and mass communication with clients. It allows to generate a single document, as well as batch process hundreds of thousands of documents.

The functionality speeds up the process of preparing documents, automates the process of their creation and ensures the correctness of their form and content.

Documents are generated on the basis of templates, which are created by users in generally available editors. The system has a built-in repository of templates, which provides versioning mechanisms and allows advanced management in terms of permissions. The data source for the templates can be information from existing database systems, data in the form of text files, and other sources.

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Configuration and modeling

A functionality that allows users to design and launch new business processes on their own. The V-Desk system allows intuitive definition of workflow processes using a predefined enterprise structure and their ongoing adaptation to changing needs.

Visualization of the process allows you to verify at which stage of the process the task is currently in (task and document statuses) and what path is still ahead. The functionality allows to quickly, without having programming knowledge, build a complete business process starting from the logic of the process, through defining business roles, fields describing forms, and ending with starting up the process.

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We provide our solutions to multinational corporations and companies around the world, so V-Desk and our other products are accessible in many foreign languages. The multilingual nature of our solutions, including the V-Room service, enables communication with foreign clients regardless of the location and language spoken by the platform user.

Currently, the V-Desk system interface is available in English, Ukrainian, Russian, and German. V-Desk provides the ability to customize the interface for different foreign languages within specific implementation projects.

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The V-Desk system is a web-based application, which, thanks to the fact that the system is built on the basis of a platform of Internet technologies, is characterized by considerable flexibility and scalability. It is possible to implement it in both concentrated and multi-branch, dispersed enterprises, or those that base their activities on a network of mobile employees in need of remote access to data.

The flexibility of the system in terms of scalability and expected performance is confirmed by the fact of its installation and its effective use in both smaller organizations (30-50 users, single-server installations) and very large and territorially extensive institutions (more than 5,000 users).

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Integration is a key element when implementing process management and workflow systems.

V-Desk can be integrated with any external system via an interface. Integration most often involves downloading data from external systems to the V-Desk, transferring data from the V-Desk to external systems, and displaying scanned document images using V-Desk or making such images available outside the system.

One of the basic design assumptions adopted for the V-Desk system was its autonomy. To a very small extent, workflow systems can operate in isolation from the client’s domain systems; this is limited to the simplest processes that do not form the basis of the organization’s operations.

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