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V-Desk system

All your documents and business processes in one place.

V-Desk is a solution that will bring digitization of documents and optimization of business processes to your company in an innovative way.

Discover a comprehensive set of tools for paperless document and work management in your company.

The companies which benefited from the V-Desk

The processes covered in V-Desk

Document Management System

V-Desk is a tool that will allow you to manage your company’s electronic document workflow process in a convenient and fast way. Digitalise and decree invoices, correspondence or contracts with OCR.

Digitalisation of HR processes

V-Desk allows you to easily and efficiently access your calendar and manage your working time, report absences or business trips, as well as handle complex HR processes.

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Workflow management

Without IT knowledge, you can define and manage any business process in a flexible way in the V-Desk application. The Business Process Builder is compatible with BPM tools.

Purchasing process

V-Desk allows the entire purchasing process to be handled digitaly, from the e-request to its multi-step decreeing and up to the approval and attachment of the purchase invoice.

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Invoice workflow

V-Desk is a powerful solution for processing invoices into digital versions thanks to OCR and for comprehensive management of their circulation within the company. It enables full automation and optimisation of the digitalisation of paper documents.

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Budget management

The budgets component of the V-Desk application supports the effective management of investment budgets, projects and their individual elements. The budget planning allows for cost accounting in an effective manner.

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Customer relationship management

The CRM V-Desk module enables you to plan and manage the entire customer service and sales process. It is a transparent and ergonomic way to maintain the continuity and efficiency of your company’s sales activities.

Business data analysis

Easily analyse your business data with the Power BI (Business Intelligence) application fully integrated into the V-Desk solution. Understand your business better and improve its efficiency.

Document generation

The V-Desk system comes with the ability to quickly and in bulk generate a large number of various documents, both for internal or external purposes, using the ArthurDoc application.

System main features


The V-Desk system is a web-based application which, due to the fact that it is built on a web technology platform, offers considerable flexibility and scalability. Read more >


The V-Desk mobile application for business, which operates on Android and iOS systems, makes it possible to work with documents from any location. The mobile business application is effectively used to orchestrate and automate many business tasks. Read more >


Given the key role of the V-Desk system in an organisation, as well as the data being stored in there, we pay special attention and care to ensuring the system’s security, especially as it has been implemented in financial and banking institutions, where the criteria for ensuring data security are of a very high standard. Read more >

  Multi-Lingual capabilities

We provide our solutions to multinational corporations and companies all over the world, which is why V-Desk and our other products are available in many foreign languages. The multiple language capabilities of our solutions, including the V-Room service, allow communication with foreign customers regardless of the location and language spoken by the user of the platform. Read more >


Integration is a key l element when implementing workflow and process management systems. V-Desk can be integrated with any external system via an interface. Read more >

  Customisation and modelling

Tailor the V-Desk system to your individual business needs and individual processes using modelling solutions. Readmore >

  Electronic signature

Our solutions have the ability to provide qualified or unqualified electronic signatures for documents. Read more >

“The implementation of the V-Desk system was a huge success. The implemented workflow platform increased the efficiency of administrative work by reducing  time and costs. It also made it possible to increase control over the flow of information in our company. In addition, the flexibility of the solution has allowed for its further development as further needs arise.”

President of the Management Board
Artur Bielak

V-Desk integrations

The V-Desk can be integrated with any IT system. We have integrated our solutions most frequently with systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Comarch ERP XL and Optima, Oracle, TETA, Sage Symfonia, Enova, Asseco Wapro.

The scope of integration of the electronic document workflow system covers various functional areas. Depending on the company’s specifics and business processes, data integration scenarios can vary significantly.

V-Desk integrations

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