Configuration and modeling of processes

A simple and intuitive tool for independent modeling of individual steps in a business process. Each process is adapted to the specific business requirements of the recipient, according to which the company operates.

V-Desk is equipped with a business process wizard and is compatible with BPMN tools. The built-in tool is not additionally licensed, and using it does not require IT knowledge. Each time a V-Desk electronic workflow system implementation project is carried out, users and administrators receive training on how to use the wizard.

V-Desk is an efficient digital workflow for all
departments and is used for handling multiple tasks.

  • Creating demand-driven circuits and control processes
  • Setting permissions for a given process
  • Flexible adaptation to unexpected events
  • The ability to define business roles, fields, and form buttons
  • The ability to use predefined field types
  • User-friendly interface, simplicity and intuitiveness that enable the creation of process models for each user

The most automated workflow.

Ultimately, our plan is that in the future users will independently create processes operating in the organization. Each process can consist of any number of steps and user task forms are fully customizable.

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