Document generation

One of the functionalities of the company’s workflow system is the ability to quickly and easily generate documents in bulk. The document management system and report generator is a two-in-one solution that supports both internal business processes and mass communication with clients. It allows to generate a single document, as well as batch process hundreds of thousands of documents, which have to be dealt with in cases such as the entire workflow of warehouse documents in the company.

The functionality speeds up the process of preparing documents, automates the process of their creation and ensures the correctness of their form and content.

Document generation process

Document management software allows documents to be generated from templates that users create in publicly available editors. The system has a built-in template repository that provides versioning mechanisms and allows advanced management in terms of permissions. The data source for the templates can be information from existing database systems, data in the form of text files and other sources.

It is a secure and scalable solution based on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The tool can be easily implemented and used in any organization. The documentation workflow in public administration units means high quality of electronically generated files as well as standardization of their appearance and their graphic design. For example, the electronic document workflow in the commune office means a significant reduction in the number of mistakes, and – at the same time – a reduction in the time it takes to prepare documents. Users have control over modification permissions, which ensures that the latest versions of generated documents are up-to-date and reports can be generated.

The mechanism allows operation in two modes:


Manual mode

Direct work with the system through a web interface. Users create templates and input data themselves, generate documents electronically, and download them.


Automatic mode

Work with the system using an API to generate documents from the domain system. In this mode, user participation comes down to the creation of templates.
The user has the flexibility to manage the content of document templates and data consistency is increased.

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