Electronic signature

The functionality enables electronic signatures to be applied to electronic documents registered in the V-Desk system.

Each document in the system can have several signatures, which is related to the multi-level approval of documents.

An integrated electronic signature allows the authorization and acceptance of documents without paper circulation.

Electronic document signing not only raises the level of authorization in the company, but also provides the possibility to able to send important documents electronically without having to print and manually sign documents.

Sign an electronic document with one click

Primesoft Sign is a secure way to get a signature on any document electronically any time, from any device, and from anywhere.

Signing contracts, submitting reports and statements, approving bids and business trips – thanks to the Primesoft Sign application built into the system, it is possible to electronically sign virtually any document regardless of its format or signature provider. The platform supports both qualified and non-qualified electronic signatures with the possibility to use PAdES and XAdES formats. 

The ability to provide electronic signatures is a convenience for employees and company decision-makers. Within the Primesoft Sign functionality, dozens of pages of contracts and all other electronic documents can be initialed with a single click.

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