V-Desk business mobile applications are solutions designed for users who want to efficiently manage the flow of information, assignment and approval of all documents in the company using mobile devices. V-Desk mobile business solutions running on Android and iOS allow you to work with documents from anywhere.

A mobile app for the company is effectively used to organize and automate many business tasks. Depending on the user’s privileges, it allows to perform document-related tasks remotely within a given process. Remote access to documents not only reduces processing time, but also significantly optimizes the work of employees.

V-Desk’s mobile business solution provides the ability to accept invoices or leave requests without having to use a computer. Users get remote access to their V-Desk calendar with always up-to-date tasks from their phone or other mobile devices. Mobile applications for companies in the area of electronic workflow allow constant access for people outside the office to invoices, requirements, and contracts. With these apps, it is possible to make decisions remotely in any of the company’s business processes.

V-Desk Mobile is a remote business application.

Decisions related to workflow can be made directly from devices such as smartphones or tablets, even during a business meeting. Using their phone, the user can approve a planned expense, enter an assignment to an invoice, or comment on the content of a contract submitted for approval.

The execution time of the company’s processes is dramatically reduced. Documents can be accepted on the fly, without having to wait for the person required for a particular stage of the process to show up at the office.

The V-Desk Mobile business management application perfectly complements the browser-accessible version of the system in handling multi-step approval processes for all documents supported by the V-Desk platform.

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