Reporting and sending data to Power BI

V-Desk reporting provides many advanced tools to facilitate quick decision-making.

V-Desk is a tool for dynamic reporting and informing the system user about key data recorded in the system.

V-Desk provides your own scalable data analysis environment. As part of reporting from the system, users receive both predefined reports available within each business area, and have flexible tools to dynamically report on data collected in the system. The main advantages are:

– all relevant data in one place

– browsing, filtering the most important information

– easily accessible reports and data visualizations

– information available in real time

– secure access to data

– the ability to view data instantly, without having to configure Power BI

It is possible to define any statements according to individually selected criteria, compare current data with stored values from previous periods, and export reports to most formats (pdf, exel, csv, xml). Aggregation, defining specific time intervals and many other functionalities enable data analysis on many levels, and the flexibility of the functionality enables customization to changing user needs even after the implementation period is over.

The V-Desk platform supports data analysis and allows data to be transformed into information. Advanced analytical tools in the V-Desk system make it possible to collect and systematize data, and further transfer it to Power BI.

The functionality is mainly used by executives, analysts, and business process architects. It allows easy and convenient creation of analysis and reports from all data stored in the system, as well as data downloaded from domain systems integrated with the V-Desk platform.

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