Business scalability means matching the pace of business growth, also thanks to flexible tools used in the company. The scalability of the V-Desk
system makes it easy to expand for the needs of the entire organization. The platform is ideally suited to the workflow of any company and grows with the requirements of our clients.

Scalability of the application (ensuring increasingly efficient operation
as the number of components increases) characterizes the V-Desk system. Scalability of an IT system is the ability to easily expand functionalities as the company reaches different stages of development.

Scalability of the V-Desk system

The V-Desk system is a web-based application, which, thanks to the construction of the system on the basis
of a platform of Internet technologies, is characterized by considerable flexibility
and scalability.

It is possible to implement it in both clustered and multi-branch companies, distributed enterprises, or those relying on a network of mobile employees who need remote access to data.

The flexibility of the system in terms of scalability and expected performance is confirmed by the fact of its installation and its effective use in both smaller organizations (30-50 users, single-server installations) and very large and territorially extensive institutions (more than 5,000 users).

Most implementations are based on the Apache server. The application server does not store temporary data (e.g., database cache), hence system performance can be easily scaled using Network LoadBalancing (NLB) solutions for large workloads or a territorially dispersed company.

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