ArthurDoc – bulk document generation. It can be used for both internal business processes and communications with the client. It allows both the generation of a single document and the batch processing of hundreds of thousands of documents.

Documents are generated on the basis of templates created using widely available tools such as MS Office. When defining a template, the user indicates the fields to be filled with data from the specified source.

The system has a built-in template repository that provides versioning and permission management mechanisms.

The data source for the templates can be information from existing database systems, data in the form of text files and other sources.

How does it work?

Using ArthurDOC is simple and very intuitive:

  • Prepare the template and define the input data 
  • Enter the appropriate data (Excel, CSV, JSON, XML) 
  • Download the files and enjoy the finished documents 

This is how you have just saved a lot of time!

Speed up the process of generating documents

  • Handling conditional instructions
  • Filling tables with a variable number of records
  • Formatting values
  • Template versioning
  • Presentation of numerical values in words
  • API to generate documents from the system
  • Barcode generation
  • Generate documents on demand and in batch mode
  • Operation via web browser
  • Embedding graphic elements (e.g. logos)

250 different document templates

1.6 million documents / year

Automate the document creation process

  • High quality of generated documents
  • Standardization of the appearance of documents
  • Elimination of human error
  • Reduced document preparation time
  • Unified layout of documents
  • Improved data integrity
  • Flexibility of template content management
  • Control of modification permissions

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