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CRM platform at the V-Desk

As a module of the V-Desk platform, CRM is a tool successfully used by our clients to optimize and automate processes and activities aimed at implementing CRM (Client Relationship Management) strategies in the enterprise. CRM systems are tools for working with clients, supporting the development of the most effective activities to attract potential clients, and strengthening relationships with existing ones. The unique data regarding contacts collected in the CRM system creates an unlimited database of contractors, updated on a regular basis.

V-Desk’s CRM is also a place for storing the full history of established contacts, maintained by scheduling and executing various events in the system. This way, with the use of the CRM tool, the continuity of the sales process is preserved, and the way it is conducted remains completely transparent, providing opportunities to eliminate the risks of unfavorable practices.


CRM system tools

The full functionality of the module and the effective conduct of sales in the V-Desk system is enhanced by a number of tools:

  • completing attachments of any format,
  • sending email notifications about pending tasks, documents or changes in the system with a link leading to the task,
  • notifications and alerts communicating important events,
  • a calendar with a record of events,
  • records of scheduled events,
  • reporting of entered data according to any parameters
  • searching for needed information about contacts
  • generating mailing lists for the needs of marketing departments.

The V-Desk system is a web-based system with a user-friendly interface, and CRM operation is simple and intuitive. Thanks to this, V-Desk optimizes activities in the CRM area of the company, thus streamlining marketing, sales and after-sales, as well as customer service.


CRM platform integration

The CRM system implemented by our company, in conjunction with other applications and modules such as sales invoices and financial prospectuses, is a source of always up-to-date and complete management knowledge.

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