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Project documentation management system

The V-Desk system as a DMS (document management system) solution supports enterprises in the area of project management. Nowadays, for most projects in companies, documentation is usually prepared and maintained in electronic form. On the other hand, the challenge is to manage project and per-project documentation while ensuring efficient communication between project participants and guaranteeing data security. The V-Desk system was developed in response to these needs, and as a document management program it provides concurrent consultative work on projects.

Project documentation management system

Software Functionalities

Providing support during project execution in terms of arrangements, opinions and consultations, as well as project processing, the project documentation module supports the efficient management of documents in the company for any project areas, such as carrying out construction projects or litigation. Management of production documentation during the course of investment projects will become efficient and more intuitive.

V-Desk offers more than other available project documentation management systems. Above all, it ensures smooth cooperation with contractors by allowing external contractors or consultants to join the project through the use of the additional V-Room tool. As a project documentation management system, V-Desk allows multiple people to work together simultaneously at any stage of a project, including within a selected task or document.


What possibilities does Primesoft’s project documentation management software offer?

Project documentation management software

V-Desk makes it possible to carry out any type of project from its conception, through the subsequent phases and stages of implementation, consultation and approval using an electronic signature. This saves paper and time that would be needed to print and rescan approved designs.

Efficient management of project documentation is ensured by incrementally saving information on documents or files. In this way, the system stores the current versions of documents in one place without the need to create more copies. The mechanism for automatically saving changes and tracking them supports the efficient management of documents and their versions, while preventing unnecessary overwriting of information.

The efficient management of records also consists of a system of notifications and alerts about tasks submitted for execution, changes made, approvals or lack thereof, as well as e.g. budget overruns.

Software Integration

Connection with the budgeting or cost invoice module in a single system ensures the exchange of information between areas and the ability, for example, to monitor costs and the utilization of budgets.

The system supports any type of document, regardless of its format – Word, PDF, Excel or CAD – as well as many other formats of specialized programs, which allows to widely use the V-Desk system for project management, including production documentation management.

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