High security standards of information management confirmed by ISO 27001 certification

We guarantee our contractors secure information management that complies with standards and regulations.

Our compliance with ISO 27001 consists of:

  • An Information Security Management System based on years of experience,
  • certification of all processes of the organization,
  • cyclical verification of the implemented guidelines,
  • continuous improvement actions,
  • conscious management of risks.

Obtaining ISO 27001 certification from the recognized auditor TÜV NORD GROUP operating under the accreditation of the German DAkkS unit is something we are proud of, and it is a guarantee of information management security for our customers.

The certification is based on the requirements of: PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

“We continuously ensure information security at every level. The internationally recognized ISO 27001 certification ensures that appropriate measures are taken, implemented and properly enforced by us in all areas.”

Filip Kolendo, Vice President of the Management Board of Primesoft Poland

More about certification

What is ISO

ISO is an international standards organization that aims to create standards assessing management systems for compliance. As part of the audit, we demonstrated, as an organization, our compliance of implemented procedures and measures with ISO 27001, and thus obtained a certificate of confirmation.

A key element of the standard for information management systems is the use of risk management that considers assets and processes in the context of information processing.

Important for ensuring the security of stored data is to determine the probability and impact of risks, in order to take measures to mitigate them.

The standard imposes requirements and recommendations for the construction of the system and for the continuous verification of the implemented guidelines and their effectiveness, along with the requirement to comply with them. This standard requires refinement and improvement so that when operating within the framework of the implemented system, appropriate improvement actions are taken. Through a certification audit, we demonstrated compliance with all standards.

“Obtaining the certification is an important milestone in the history of our company. We demonstrate a high level of responsibility in guaranteeing information security. I am proud of our team involved in the project, we successfully passed the certification in just a few months and without any difficulties.”

Dariusz Jarczyński, Chief Operating Officer of Primesoft Poland, Board Representative for Information Security

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