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Implementation goal: administrative and financial processes optimization, streamline of other processes,i.e: workflow of credit limits and laboratory orders. Register of documents set up.

Solution: V-Desk process and workflow management system with digital archive

Industry: agriculture

‘As an innovative company, we embrace modern solutions. Cooperation with Primesoft has brought us benefits from the digitalisation of important areas in the company.’

Head of Marketing and Business Development,
Piotr Barański



Implementation goal: organization and standardization of invoice workflow processes

Solution: V-Desk system implemented in cloud infrastructure, OCR system by Primesoft

Industry: manufacture of plastic packaging

‘The cooperation with Primesoft has resulted in the implementation of IT systems at Polipak, as well as increased awareness among the team and employees of what benefits digitization brings.’

IT Manager in Sarnatis Polska SA,
Robert Pelc

BMW Dynamic Motors


Implementation goal: to orchestrate and automate processes while eliminating paper circulation

Solution: electronic workflow system V-Desk for invoice processing with integration to the accounting system, incoming and outgoing correspondence, credit limit processing, purchase orders, new supplier forms.

Industry: automotive, car dealership retail chain

‘(…) By launching the V-Desk system at BMW Dynamic Motors, the following was achieved: automation and document processing orchestration, digital archive, as well as the introduction of control over document and information workflow.’

General Manager,
Grażyna Jaworska

Foton Novelty Group SA


Implementation goal: to streamline the organization of work in administrative areas

Solution: V-Desk system for invoice management (OCR, VIES list verification) and contracts processing  

Industry: Renewable Energy Resources

‘The multilevel acceptance of invoices and the generation of payment packages to the bank are a must have for the system, thanks to which the processes have gained momentum and we have control over them.’

Finanance Director in Foton Novelty,
Marek Putzlacher

INC Group


Implementation goal: optimisation of investments management, streamlining of the area of tender documents for the investors, digitisation of the purchase invoice workflow, automation of the area of contracts and correspondence

Solution: V-Desk electronic document workflow system for processing invoices, sales contracts, handling incoming and outgoing correspondence, claims processes. CRM system and ArthurDoc

Industry: financial, capital investment

‘(…) automation and process optimisation have led to increased process efficiency, time savings, structured and streamlined management and communication, providing control throughout the processes.’

Vice-President of the Management Board,
Sebastian Huczek

JMP Flowers

Implementation goal: to digitize documentation and enable remote working without the need for physical document in hand

Solution: V-Desk system for processing goods invoices, costs documents and B2B invoices

Results: increased level of work efficiency, speed up the execution of tasks, access to well organized data

Industry: manufacturing

‘The previously used system for invoice management could not keep up with the Company’s dynamic growth. A modern, scalable solution was urgently needed. Our requirements were met by V-Desk from Primesoft.’

Manager IT,
Jarosław Gaik


Implementation goal: management and control of the the ISO quality system document processing. Streamlined reporting and handling of compliance issues under applicable Health & Safety, Environment, Quality and Energy Efficiency systems.

Solution: ArthurDoc for document generation, V-Desk system for process and workflow management with a digital repository, Scan&Paste – a mobile app for compliance issues reporting

Industry: lime production and processing

‘The workflow system by Pimesoft is a simple tool to gather Quality information, analyse trends, identify problems and correct when neccessary. Enableing to continuously improve processes and raise quality standards.’

Quality Manager in Lhoist Bukowa sp. z o.o,
Marcin Cygan


Implementation objective
: To streamline and increase the efficiency of cost document workflow processes, digitalisation and automation of contract workflows, electronic document archives

Solution: document workflow system integrated with Accounts Payable

Industry: manufacturing and processing of plastic products

„Primesoft Poland’s team of development and implementation professionals proved themselves, during the project as highly qualified specialists with extensive business and technical knowledge. The results of the cooperation are beneficial for us and demonstrate a professional approach to business digitisation.”

Member of the Board, Chief Financial Officer
Piotr Kudela

SMP Poland

Aim of implementation: automation of processes and digitisation of paper-based invoice workflows

Rozwiązanie: workflow system for invoices with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology in foreign language, linked to the register of goods receipt documents and digital IE599 message register. Integration with the financial and accounting system JD Edwards

Sector: manufacturer of automotive parts

„We easily control payment deadlines, verify errors and, above all, we have shifted from manual work at many stages of the invoice workflow.”

Finance Director in SMP Poland,
Anna Korytko

Jass Board

Implementation goal: support in invoice processing digitization:
• improved invoice workflow,
• shift from paper to digital approval
• easier access to data, gathered throughout the process
• increased controll over the process and terms of work
• efficient management

Solution: invoice workflow in V-Desk, OCR by Primesoft, communication and two-way data exchange with Comarch ERP XL

Branża: manufacturing and distribution of paper and forest products

„Transformation to digital workflows and documents was our goal, which we were able to achieve with the professional support from Primesoft.”

Manager of IT systems,
Mariusz Lisiecki