Jass Board

„Transformation to digital workflows and documents was our goal, which we were able to achieve with the professional support from Primesoft.”

Manager of IT systems, Mariusz Lisiecki

Implementation goal: support in invoice processing digitization:

• improved invoice workflow,
• shift from paper to digital approval
• easier access to data, gathered throughout the process
• increased controll over the process and terms of work
• efficient management

Solution: invoice workflow in V-Desk, OCR by Primesoft, communication and two-way data exchange with Comarch ERP XL

Sector: manufacturing and distribution of paper and forest products

Jass Board

is a fast-growing company operating in the manufacturing sector. As part of the leading European Jass Group, we produce and distribute corrugated and solid board, based on recycled raw material and cellulose. The Polish subsidiary is equipped with technologically advanced machinery and distributes and produces cardboard sheets of the highest quality. The Jass Group’s branches are located in Germany, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Gostyń and employ a total of 800 people.

Situation analysis and main objectives of the project

The main objective of the system implementation is to streamline the processes of cost invoice-type document management, easy searcincluded. As well as facilitating access authorization management to the data captured during processing. The aim of the task management module is to provide a single tool for coordinating the work of teams in individual departments and controlling the timeliness of their execution.


3-ways method of a document register:
• e-mail attachment
• from a local disc file
• manually

System is ready for all kinds of invoice files formats, depending on their source of distribution. It covers either possibility to register paper invoices online, e-invoices from e-mails, or disc files.

OCR by Primesoft

By covering the process in the system, invoices are distributed to departments and workers who take responsibility for the costs approval quickly without delays. Prior to approval of the invoice to be billed, they are verified, checked if all data is correct. This stage is quick and efficient due to OCR (optical character recognition) mechanism.

V-Desk invoice approval process

Allocating responsibility for further processing of a document is not always possible and here the system supports employees by generating a report/statement of such documents.

Control of the breakdown of the amount and proper description of the invoice including: demand, budget line, cost allocation, type of cost, project.

Integration with finance and accounting system

What makes two- way communication within systems integration.

The main advantage is the fast and seamless transfer of data between systems, which relieves employees of manual repetitive work.

It takes place at the stage of invoice export to accounting system. The contractors are automatically imported to the V-Desk system as part of the integration. It all saves time and means no double work of completing the same data in varoius systems.

Do systemu workflow pobierane są informacje i dane na temat rejestracji dokumentu w systemie finansowo-księgowym. Dzięki zapewnieniu komunikacji dane dotyczące importu dokumentu/faktury do systemu księgowego są automatycznie aktualizowane również w systemie workflow. Użytkownik otrzymuje informacje o nadanym w systemie ERP XL numerze dokumentu, bez konieczności logowania się do niego.

„Functionalities offered by the system when it comes to invoices, allow us to decide about digitalization in the area of goods documents. We plan to achieve it with the expansion of V-Desk.”

IT Manager, Piotr Zyta