JMP Flowers

‘The previously used system for invoice management could not keep up with the Company’s dynamic growth. A modern, scalable solution was urgently needed. Our requirements were met by V-Desk from Primesoft.’

Jarosław Gaik, IT Manager

Aim: to digitize documentation and enable remote working without the need for physical document in hand

Solution: V-Desk system for processing goods invoices, costs documents and B2B invoices

Results: Increase the level of work efficiency, speed up the execution of tasks, access to well organized data

Sector: manufacturing

JMP Flowers

JMP Flowers is now one of the largest Polish flower companies. The impressive figures indicate the global scale and great scale of this Polish, family-owned business.

Today it is Poland’s largest retail wholesale network, consisting of representative subsidiaries with their own delivery trucks. The foreign markets where the comapny operates are: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Hungary and, above all, Austria where the foreign company is headquartered.

Due to the scale of sales, the company from Stężyca has also become a major importer and exporter of potted plants, cut plants and ceramics. Its own professional transport fleet enabling precise control of shipping parameters, expansion of the logistics center and call center are expected to enable JMP Flowers to increase its range of services, sales volume and faster and more efficient execution of orders. Following the ancestral spirit of innovation, a high-tech Research and Development Center is being built on the company’s premises, with plans to carry out an ambitious research plan.

Situation to be diagnosed and remedied

The scattered character of the company, the shift to remote work, but also many employees in the field. In this situation, the electronic platform was supposed to do the job by organizing and unifying the processing of invoices to account payable. However, our requirements were growing, and the system used so far could not keep up with the Company’s needs.

Solution to optimise the invoice workflow process

It was decided to implement the V-Desk System. It processes all types of invoices: cost invoices, goods invoices and, separately, B2B invoices. The solution operates in integration with SAP Business One on the basis of a two-way data exchange using REST API.

‘Now, we do not waste time searching for invoices, we have eliminated situations when tasks were not monitored and responsibility spread. With the V-Desk System, we benefit from the smooth processing of documents.’

Dominika Sor, IT specialist

Automation at invoice registration step

Since invoices reach the company both as attachments in the mail, but also by regular mail in the form of a printout, the V-Desk System for document registration takes into account various delivery sources. Thus, invoices can be registered directly in the system, from a scanner as well as automatically from an email inbox.

In the case of automatic form completion from email, as well as from the scanner, the OCR service is triggered. Thanks to it, the data is completed quickly and can be verified for correctness in real time.

Since the system independently recognizes and completes the form data, employees have been relieved of tedious work. The data completed by the automat, is verified by human personnel, which introduced great time savings.

The following information is recognized:

  • Contractor’s Tax ID
  • Contractor’s Bank Account Number
  • invoice number
  • date of receipt
  • date of sale
  • payment day
  • Net amount in currency
  • Gross amount in currency
  • VAT amount

No duplication of invoices, access to reports with vital data

Automation has also been introduced in the subsequent stages of working with a document. The system independently selects the persons responsible on the basis of the document description, and it is also possible to describe the document-invoice with a single click on the basis of a previously completed document.

Advanced reporting options provide access to data reports according to parameters such as contractor name, Nip, due date, invoice number and amount. Backlog reports and other reports necessary for the analysis of the financial situation are also provided.

SAP Business One connection

A key stage of the work was to guide the project towards integrated interoperability of the newly implemented system with the organisation’s domain accounting system. The two-way exchange of information guarantees a smooth process thanks to the REST API provided.

‘The system’s interface, flexibility and inherent simplicity are features that allow us to enjoy the solution and its positive impact that organises our processes. We particularly appreciate the ability to create favourite menu items, access to reports and the ocr function that reads invoice data flawlessly.’

Jarosław Gaik, IT Manger