INC Group

‘We accomplish all tasks in the processes with one single platform. The powerful and tailored tools are a huge advantage of the system.’

Vice-President of the Management Board, Sebastian Huczek

Implementation goal: optimisation of investments management, streamlining of the area of tender documents for the investors, digitisation of the purchase invoice workflow, automation of the area of contracts and correspondence.

The ultimate aim of implementing the V-Desk system is to provide a single tool to coordinate the work of the team across departments and to control on-time tasks performance.


  • V-Desk electronic document workflow system.
    The system covers and optimises the following areas:
    1. invoice management and integration to Symfonia accounting system,
    2. sales contracts,
    3. correspondence,
    4. debt recovery process.
  • CRM system to communicate with investors and manage projects
  • ArthurDoc platform for document generation.

Industry: financial and capital investments

INC S.A. and INC Brokerage House

are part of INC Group, a dynamically growing Polish capital group. The company’s core business is investments and capital market advisory services.

INC S.A. to autoryzowany doradca rynku New Connect i Catalyst w Polsce oraz AeRO w Rumunii.

Dom Maklerski INC S.A. offers comprehensive services in primary and secondary issues of public and private securities on the Warsaw Stock Exchange regulated market, the New Connect market and the Catalyst market

Challenge, analysis and measures taken

Until now, all operations and processes in the company were managed and carried out with the usage of numerous tools, mainly from the MS Office family, documents were sent by e-mail. Upon development of the company and increase in the investor portfolio, as well as number of projects undertaken, the need arose to standardise and centralise processes in one system.

Another challenge for those working in different locations was the need to share information in a secure and controlled manner.

‘In order to boost the efficiency and quality of our services, decision was made to automate and digitise processes with suitable solutions.’

Vice-President of the Management Board, Sebastian Huczek


Business process analysis in the Company led to the decision to replace the previously used tools with a single, intuitive system with complementary solutions. The implementation of the V-Desk system allowed the optimisation of tasks, greater control over projects and the creation of a safe repository

Previous documentation workflow and reporting processes carried out with MS Office tools were replaced by a workflow|DMS class system.

CRM platform

A dedicated CRM (Customer Relations Management) platform was configured and implemented for Brokerage INC, which streamlined a key business area. It is now not only a place for customer relationship management, an investor database or a record of contact history. The module is also the initiating point of the securities offering process. The possibility of generating and submitting investment offers directly from the V-Desk application has been provided.

‘[…] automation and optimisation have resulted in increased efficiency of processes, time savings, organised and streamlined management and communication, as well as provided control across processes.’

Vice-President of the Management Board, Sebastian Huczek


Here, the application facilitated one of the stages of the investment process, i.e. the submission of bids. By automatic data intake and generation of ready-to-go documents, it has significantly shortened this stage. Data can be transferred directly from the CRM database or extracted from selected files. The preparation of templates and filling them in with data is done automatically, which significantly streamlines work by eliminating the need to enter data in several places.


Automation of registration and circulation of mail. Recording incoming and outgoing letters in a single digital register reduces the possibility of lost or overlooked cases. Additional capabilities such as categorisation and reporting increase efficiency and comfort.


The system streamlines the process of drawing up a contract with a counterparty. It covers the entire process from drafting through to creating, reviewing and archiving the signed contract.

It provides an organised storage area with convenient and fast access to documents. With extensive invoicing planning tools, it automates the ability to verify the payment status of invoices linked to concluded contracts. Built-in alerts are an additional feature that makes it easier to organise work.

The module is compatible with the following:

  • with an external billing system,
  • Office 365 integration
  • ArthurDoc document template generator.

Enhanced document processing means, above all, joint work on the contract, adding comments to ongoing tasks, the addition of annexes and attachments.
The digital module has made it possible to organise and structure the management of contracts, keeping track of deadlines and purchase expenditure.


So far, the company’s process of accepting and registering invoices in accounts was done without any IT system. The introduction of System
V-Desk is a digital representation of the entire invoice workflow, which has resulted in an efficient, controllable and structured process.

Invoices are registered automatically from email inboxes, initiating the invoice workflow process through successive steps including verification against the white list, assignment and approval according to the chart of accounts. The seamless process is ensured by two-way data exchange with the Symfonia accoun

‘The data processed within the platform is archived, enabling swift access to the necessary information.’

Vice-President of the Management Board, Sebastian Huczek

Benefits from implemented solutions

  • shorter bidding process,
  • more efficient cooperation with Clients,
  • greater control over payments,
  • invoice management control and automation,
  • digitised archives of the investments,
  • system notifications.

‘The digitisation carried out by Primesoft Polska’s skilled team at both Companies has delivered the anticipated results, providing the expected benefits.’

Vice-President of the Management Board, Sebastian Huczek