Soltex Group

“We recommend cooperation with Primesoft Polska as the solution it offers to its clients- the V-Desk system -makes an excellent product ready to apply in different business areas. We have noticed at once its flexibility, scalability and user friendly usage. The advantages we have gained include optimization, greater business control and improved document management.

Dyrektor Centrum Usług Wspólnych in Soltex, Arleta Michalak

Goal of the impelemntation: processes improvement and optimization, manual work and paper elimination

Solution: digital workflow system, V-Desk for correspondence and invoices

Results: sped up in work, reduced work load, quicker tasks execution and better control of the processes

Soltex Group

Soltex is a rapidly growing group with Polish capital, diversified in its activities.
The following companies were included in the implementation of the V-Desk system: Everest Development, Holiday Park & Resort, Holiday Park & Resort Gastronomia, Soltex Shared Services Centre.

Situation to scan and address

The multi-company character and the associated diversity of the business posed challenges for the company, mainly of a managerial and organisational nature. In order to maintain a high level of customer service and cooperation with contractors and to increase competitiveness, the decision was taken to digitise selected areas.

“We decided to implement a digital solution from Primesoft Polska to manage the company’s processes efficiently, saving time and resources.”

Dyrektor Centrum Usług Wspólnych w Soltex, Arleta Michalak

In every company, many documents, often paper-based, were processed, ensuring that they were properly circulated and properly processed. Document management and archivisation was time-consuming, requiring staff to spend time on manual tasks, such as describing documents by hand.

The introduction of an electronic workflow was expected to significantly streamline work, eliminate paper circulation and increase control over processes.

Areas and processes of optimization

In cooperation with Primesoft we have conducted the analysis which enabled application of a dedicated solution and resulted in the following:

  • Improvement and efficiency increase of document workflow
  • Digitizationa and automation in correspondene

Solutions applied

In order to gain the expected advantages, the electronic workflow system, named V-Desk has been deployed.


From now on, all documents that constitute correspondence are handled in one place in the system. Thanks to their registration, verification and distribution to the right person, we have control over incoming letters. They quickly reach the right addressee, and the information is provided in one place. Authorized persons have access to a complete set of information on documents arriving and departing from the company, while searching for information is quick and simple, which minimizes time-consumption.

invoice workflow

In the invoice workflow itself, the proposed digital system ensures that expenses are properly accepted and posted through the controls defined in the system. By introducing a process management tool, we have first and foremost gained control over the course of these processes, as well as an impact on saving time and financial resources. Additionally the system streamlines workflow of documents by integration with finance system Symfonia,

Various types of invoices are managed in the system and, depending on the company, are linked to a separate process for declaring and describing the cost on the invoice. In order to automate and ensure the smooth running of the process, the system provides a separate flow for each company and type of invoice. This ensures that the documents always reach the virtual account of the relevant person responsible for the task.

The solution has a system of e-mail notifications of assigned tasks so that the user can respond quickly, e.g. in the case of scheduled or overdue payments.

OCR reader

Application of the OCR mechanism already at the system registration stage. The solution, based on intelligent data reading technology, has been applied to the process of invoice and correspondence circulation, automating manual processes and eliminating the circulation of paper documents. Thanks to this solution, there is no need to duplicate documents or forward them by e-mail..