Green company. How to be environmentally friendly in business operation


The introduction of green solutions in a company is currently a very strong trend in the market. It all seems that it will continue for many years to come. Environmentally friendly companies not only gain better PR, but also improve the quality of work and reduce unnecessary costs. How can you be environmentally friendly in your company? We present a short guide.

Ecology and eco-friendly practices – what’s the difference?

Most of us typically tend to identify ecology with environmental protection. Although the association is not wrong, but it should be kept in mind that ecology itself is a science. That science which addresses a much larger area than caring for the environment.

It is the study of the structure and functioning of nature, the subject of which is the interaction between organisms and their environment, as well as the interaction between organisms.

The ecologists, for example, are engaged in studying and predicting what will happen to the planet in the future. Most certainly, you know the repeated call to change habits that harm the environment. Many of these concern the companies that harm the earth through their activities, for example, by using excessive amounts of paper, overproduction, or emitting harmful substances into the atmosphere.


How companies can take care of the environment?

There are a number of ways to get a company’s environmental efforts underway. One of them is to implement a pillar of CSR, or Corporate Social Responsibility, into business strategy. According to the European Commission, this form of action involves taking its own initiative, independent of regulations, for the benefit of society and the environment. It involves, among other things, supporting local institutions and individuals, as well as cooperating with various organizations, participating in special programs, environmental activities and investments. Another way to take care of the environment in a company is to switch from traditional paper documents to electronic equivalents. With electronic document circulation, you can contribute to caring for the environment, if only by reducing the use of paper and materials such as printer ink. In addition, the company will gain better process efficiency, and documents will be much better protected.

It is very common for transportation companies to use vehicle monitoring to promote greater vehicle efficiency and reduce costs and emissions generated by company fleet vehicles.

Enterprises are also encouraging their employees to choose environmentally friendly modes of transportation on business trips, or to switch from fuel-powered cars to all-electric ones. Many companies have taken advantage of a program to subsidize the purchase of an electric vehicle and have thus replaced their fleet of vehicles with greener ones. Increasingly, employees are being encouraged to use city bicycles, electric scooters or public transportation. Companies sometimes offer them attractive benefits in the form of paid monthly cards or vouchers for bike or electric scooter rental services.


Primesoft expert says

“An ecological approach to running a company and taking care of the environment brings many tangible benefits. Through the introduction of electronic document circulation, we not only reduce the amount of paper and printer toner used, but generate savings on fewer postal and courier shipments. Documents in digital form are processed faster, and work becomes better optimized and automated. All this contributes not only to a decrease in environmental pollution, but also in costs in our company.”

Account manager in Primesoft Polska
Michał Matejko


Eco-friendly printer paper – is there anything more you can do about documents in your business?

The best solution is to digitize the company’s documents. For this purpose, you can implement an electronic invoice workflow system, which allows you to go completely paperless. Additional advantages are: reducing costs, improving expense control and increasing the quality of decrement.

Printing and archiving invoices is not only inconvenient, but also not very safe. Nowadays, it is possible to avoid printing in the company. And it’s worth it! Especially since paper is expensive and rather unoptimal for data storage, its production is not environmentally friendly and is even at the top of the list of activities that are most harmful to the environment.

By being paperless, you can raise the prestige of your company, as well as reduce waste, have a positive impact on the environment and improve the security of your company’s data.

Implementing invoice workflow with the help of an electronic workflow system allows you to handle each invoice digitally. Primesoft offers a dedicated V-Desk platform for electronic document workflow. It allows storing, transferring, exporting invoices to accounting programs along with recording and processing any type of invoices.

The entire system can be flexibly expanded and improved at each stage of implementation and maintenance.