OCR technology applied to everyday usage? Meet MrReceipt, an app that helps save money.

PanParagon is a free shopping app that has been downloaded more than 700,000 times and is highly rated by users from all over the world. Through it, you can search for promotions, browse the newspapers of the largest stores in Poland, use discount coupons, create shopping lists, and store receipts in electronic form. It is this last feature that is closely related to OCR tachnology and… the Primesoft Poland company!

It all started with Primesoft

The history of this popular application among consumers originated right here at Primesoft, a company that offers solutions in the area of document and process management for organizations. Part of the solutions offered is OCR software, which enables recognition of text from images, including scanned documents or photos. Several years of experience in the B2B market and the position of a leader in this industry in Poland made the people developing OCR at Primesoft Poland decide to practice this technology in the B2C market. And so, thanks to an internal initiative responding to the needs of employees, an application for storing receipts, PanParagon, was created, which over time has gained a multitude of supporters around the world!


OCR of receipts one of the best in the world!

“Our OCR technology for recognizing text from images of receipts is currently one of the most effective solutions on the global market and is used not only in the PanParagon application, but is also available in other forms. Among other things, it is used to streamline loyalty programs and lotteries based on receipts, as well as to automate accounting processes, where information from receipts of accounting documents can be automatically entered into the system.”

Antonina Grzelak
MrReceipt app

However, the professionalism of the OCR mechanism, on which the application is largely based, is only part of the company’s success. The other extremely important element is the extensive database based on receipts archived in the system. Millions of anonymous data collected using OCR technology are a valuable source of information about real prices, real inflation or consumer behavior on the Polish market. No wonder that reports from the PanParagon system are regularly published and quoted in Poland’s leading media! Media houses, marketing agencies or research institutions are also eager to use the analyses.

The development of OCR technology for receipts is not the only task on which the PanaParagon team focuses. The application’s developers are moving with the times and are working intensively on integrating the application’s software with, among other things, the Ministry of Finance’s HUB! All in connection with the upcoming widespread introduction of e-paragraphs in stores in Poland.

MrReceipt – a safe place to store all your e-receipts

Did you know that from September 2023 a real revolution awaits Polish consumers? Well, a universal system of e-paragraphs will be introduced in stores and each of us will have a choice:

whether he wants to receive a proof of purchase in the form of a piece of paper,

or prefers to receive it electronically.

How to use the second option? All you have to do is present an individual ID at the checkout, to which the proof of purchase will be assigned, and store the e-paragons in an application dedicated to this. This can be done with the PanParagon application, which is already prepared for the new electronic receipt system in Poland. PanParagon is definitely the application of first choice for storing e-receipts due to its long experience and high public trust. This is evidenced, for example, by the high average rating of the app given by app users – 4.7/5 and downloads, the total of which has already surpassed the threshold of 700,000! What did people around the world love the PanParagon app for? The key to the heart of users is its practical functions that help in everyday life. See for yourself.

Storage of receipts and all time control over spendings

PanParagon has a lot to offer Polish consumers. First, it is an ideal tool for storing receipts electronically. It keeps proofs of purchase from getting lost and fading, making it much easier to make complaints, returns or return equipment for warranty. Importantly, the application is very easy to use. After scanning or taking a picture of the receipt, the information is automatically entered into the system. This, by the way, is due to OCR technology. What’s more, the user can assign a category or product name to the receipts, which improves the subsequent search.

How do you add the receipts into the app?

PanParagon enables you to keep track your expenses, in the form of statistics that are automatically created when you add receipts or e-receipts!

How to check the statistics of expenditures in the ?

People who want to save money on their daily shopping can browse daily promotional newspapers from Poland’s largest stores, and find specific discounted products using a simple search engine. It’s also a tool where we can store all our loyalty cards, find discount coupons to many stores, create shopping lists or insure electronic equipment on preferential terms.

Save with MrReceipt app

PanParagon is therefore a comprehensive shopping tool that helps you save on your daily errands. See for yourself and download the PanParagon app now!

For more information about the PanParagon app, visit our website panparagon.co.uk. Did you know that OCR technology helps you save money and everyday errands?