Working with counterparties – how to share documents securely and quickly

Secure and fast process of exchanging documents with counterparties

Despite increasing digitalization, the flow of documents when working with external counterparties is still often in paper form.

Another difficulty is the need to get a physical signature on the document. In the era of online work, it is not easy to get it efficiently.

Handling paper documents costs a lot and is time-consuming. There are tools available on the market to digitize the process of exchanging documents inside and outside the organization.

These are platforms in the form of virtual co-working spaces where it is possible to securely share and process documents without setting up accounts or purchasing access licenses.

These solutions ensure, among other things, the processing and conclusion of contracts at a distance, guaranteeing the indisputability of the signatures.

V-Room – convenient exchange of documents with counterparties

V-Room – an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that ensures the flow of documents between the company and its counterparties through the ability to share digital versions of documents on a dedicated platform (in a so-called virtual room).

The V-Room platform ensures the certainty of delivering and receiving externally shared documents with guaranteed security and online access at all stages of its processing.

The platform allows integration with other systems operating within the company. There is no need to set up additional accounts and purchase licenses for the system operating inside the company to work with documents.

It is a cloud-based solution that can be accessed via a browser, from virtually anywhere.–tg-stories-revenge.jpg

  • Arranging the provisions of the contract with the counterparty
  • Working together with a law firm on the contents of the contract
  • Sending an employment contract to an employee
  • Sending a request for proposal to bidders
  • Forwarding an order to the supplier
  • Sending an offer or contract to the customer
  • Submission of a document for signing by means of an electronic certificate

Automating document exchange in the virtual space – why is it worth it?

Virtual rooms, to which interested users are invited, provide a space for simultaneous and secure work on documents. Access to the room is possible within a single organization or by external users from outside the organization. The invitation is in the form of a link sent to a given email address directing to the room.

Within the room, the user has the option of:

  • editing and approving documents
  • downloading the document
  • note taking
  • data completion
  • working on a set of documents
  • adding a new version while maintaining a history of changes
  • affixing an electronic signature

The main benefits of the platform

  • Secure and fast process of exchanging and sharing documents any time and place;
  • Efficient and convenient communication with existing counterparties and the ability to more easily attract new counterparties due to the convenience of cooperation;
  • Elimination of the traditional paper-based workflow in favor of a digital workflow;
  • Sealing and securing document circulation;
  • The possibility to send classified correspondence and documents protected by data protection laws;