Electronic workflow – main benefits: employee / management

Electronic document workflow – benefits to the employee

Until recently, managing a stack of paper documents used to keep accountants and office administration staff awake at night. The development of digitization and commercially available workflow-class IT tools for digitizing business processes has met the needs of this area of business.

The implementation of an electronic document circulation system brings order to the business processes in the company, and thus increases work satisfaction. Finding documents becomes a simple and quick activity, and information exchange between employees is smooth. The system allows to keep track of all actions (adding, viewing, uploading, editing documents) so we can evenly distribute work among employees, as well as assign responsibility for individual documents.

Digitization of the companybusiness benefits to the management

The implementation of a process management system is not only an improvement in the comfort of employees, but above all provides economic benefits.

According to a study by Primesoft, daily photocopying of documents costs a company even several thousand a month, not including the cost of storing and destroying documents.

One of the most significant elements that changes after implementing a process management and electronic workflow system is document retrieval time.

Studies show that, assuming 10,000 documents are processed per month, paper retrieval time takes more than 250 hours per month.

All documents coming into the company are processed electronically. The company gains full control over the internal flow of documents, responsibility for individual documents, and over employee productivity.

Primesoft expert’s comment

“The electronic workflow system is a solution that significantly improves the functioning of the company.”

– says Mr. Bartosz Swierkowski, representing Primesoft Poland. Expert in DMS | Workflow | OCR class platforms.

“According to recent surveys, an increasing percentage of Polish companies have decided to implement it and execute business processes in an orderly manner.

Staying with traditional solutions today is a constraint, and a costly one at that.

Let’s remember that a more efficient enterprise is more competitive.”